Saxonville sausage company god mother syndicate


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This is our group presentation about Saxonville Sausage in Consumer Behavior class

Saxonville sausage company god mother syndicate

  1. 1. MM 6052 Consumer Behaviour Saxonville Sausage Company Angga Satria 29109370 Azniar Nurina 29109361 Muhammad Fajar 29109359 Rully Setiawan 29109333 Surya Agung W H 29109355
  2. 2. Company’s Background• A 70-year-old Company• Family business Headquartered in Saxonville, Ohio• $1.5 billion revenues in 2005• Produced a variety of pork sausage products: fresh sausage as opposed to smoked or semi-dried• The branded products in Saxonville: – Bratwurst (70% company’s revenue) – Breakfast sausage (20% of revenues) – Italian sausage “Vivio” (5% revenues)
  3. 3. Saxonville’s Product• Bratwurst• Breakfast sausage• Links and patties• Italian Sausage named Vivio
  4. 4. Possible Segmenting DimensionCustomer Attributes :• Feeding her family good food• Having time to do fun things with her children• Getting everything done• Using her creativity to come up with interesting meals.• Helping her children have happy memories.
  5. 5. Target Market• Primary demographicso Female head-of-householdso Sixty percent of users are described as a “loyalist”• Secondary demographicso Work statusFull-timePart-timeWork from homeHomemaker• Behavior considerationso Vivio Loyalistso Competitive-brand loyalists• Geographic considerationso Currently in strong Italian sausage markets
  6. 6. Positioninga. Qualitative researchb. Sequential round of customer sessionc. Refining the new learningd. Monadic testing
  7. 7. Research to determined the name of productStep one :Planning new research on the target customerStep two :Building on learning from the focus group Distinct themes resonated with brand positioning :1. Family connection2. Clever cooking3. Confidence4. Appreciation5. Quick and easy6. Tradition
  8. 8. Research to determined the name of productStep three :Building positioning conceptBrand ladderStep four :Additional research deliver a verdict – or two
  9. 9. Issuesa. Determined brand name o Vivio or o New nameb. Determined brand positioning o Family connection o Clever cookingc. Determined Tactic for Promotion
  10. 10. Recommended Brand Name Vivio Delicious Italian Sausage Why ??• Vivio Brand awareness• Put company’s brand ( Saxonville ) to leverage the product’s brand• To retain customer loyalty• Attract new customer
  11. 11. Recommended Brand Positioning Clever cooking Why ??• Create difference among competitor• Create new brand experience• Tendency to buy is higher than another positioning ( exhibit 11 )• Match to market segment ( exhibit 5 )• Fulfill all elements of brand laddering ( exhibit 7 )
  12. 12. Italian Sausage Concept Assessment Purchase Intent Concept Family Connection Clever Cooking (A) (B) Base Total Respondents 250 256 % % Definitely/Probably Would Buy 81 72 Definitely would buy it 23 41 (A) Probably woul buy it 58 (B) 31 Might or might no buy it 15 26 Probably/Definitely Would Not Buy 4 2 Probably would not buy it 1 1 Definitely would not buy it 1 1
  13. 13. What is the current situation of Saxonville Sausage?• One of the their products ( Bratwurst ) sales was decrease and the other product Vivio was stagnant• Improvement marketing research program when launched the product to minimize risk for sales program• Repositioning Italian Sausage product or launch with the new brand
  14. 14. What is mandat given to Ann Banks?As a new product marketing director at SaxonvilleSausage Company, she has responsibility to make aplans for launching national Italian sausage brandthat needed to bring in order to achieve objectivefor the next fiscal year. To pursue this objectives,she did several steps such as :• Market research• Marketing Develpment Program (Positioning/rebranding)
  15. 15. How to position a brand?• 5 main factors that go into defining a brand position. – Brand Attributes : What the brand delivers through features and benefits to consumers. – Consumer Expectations : What consumers expect to receive from the brand. – Competitor attributes : What the other brands in the market offer through features and benefits to consumers. – Price : An easily quantifiable factor – Your prices vs. your competitors’ prices. – Consumer perceptions : The perceived quality and value of your brand in consumer’s minds (i.e., does your brand offer the cheap solution, the good value for the money solution, the high- end, high-price tag solution, etc.).• ( positioning/)
  16. 16. What is inherent in any good research design?• Identify the problem clearly and justify its selection.• Review previously published literature dealing with the problem area. Clearly and explicitly specify hypotheses central to the problem selected.• Clearly describe the data which will be necessary for an adequate test of the hypotheses and explain how such data will be obtained.• Describe the methods of analysis which will be applied to the data in determining whether or not the hypotheses are false.• Pointed out the crucial areas that must be considered in determining the kind of information required when developing the research design(Taken from
  17. 17. Pointed out the crucial areas that must be considered in determining the kind of information required when developing the research design• Possible segmenting dimension• Identification of target tmarket• Current market consideration• Types of buying situation• Nature of relationship with customer
  18. 18. How the data presented in Exhibit 3 must be weighted to determine which types of consumers need to be surveyed to inform the positioning ? Why We assume that the company didn’t have any information relatedcustomer characteristic. In order to accepted by lots of customer, surelythey must fulfill this kind of information. Besides, to get clearunderstanding of product benefits, attributes & ideal and to develop asolid feel for core values and the role this product played. That’s why wethought that preliminary they must sought information about :• Customer current behavior• Their unmet need• Factor that trigger customer to making decision purchaseWhy : To get clear understanding of product benefits, attributes & idealand to develop a solid feel for core values and the role this productplayed
  19. 19. How was the research methodology undertaken by a brand or marketing manager who is building a plan to increase brand revenues?• There were several steps to convince management that plan of the marketing product would increase brand revenues :• Planning new research on the targer customer• Determine research design variable• Developing focus group• Build the perceptual map
  20. 20. What were the research results?• Exhibit 3As we can see in the explanation that explain attitude and Usage data which has characteristics :Men and women aged 25-50Research identifies primary and secondary considerationsBesides from research, we derive information about relevant data from latest A&U study,potentialdemographic, potential behavior and geographic consideration• Exhibit 4From the exhibit, we derived information about :Consumer behaviorResearch identifies habits of typical Italian sausage users• Exhibit 5From perceptual map, we can get information about product positioning map such as :Research gives clear picture of consumer’s perceived trade-offs between ease of mealpreparation and which family members will most likely enjoy it. Meals that require minimalpreparation are most enjoyed by children, while the adults desire meals that involve muchgreater skill and time.The perceptual maps show an incredible opportunity for a product to fill both the need of easypreparation and the need to please the entire family
  21. 21. Explain why Banks and her colleagues never even tested the“quick and easy”. How the group moved from the positiongterritory ideas (exhibit 6) through different positiong ladders(exhibit 7) to get to the actual concepts (exhibit 8) Emotional /Brainstorming Pruning Core Values Functional Final(Focus Group (Theme) (Exhibit 7) (Brand Positioning Discussion) Exhibit 6 Laderring)
  22. 22. Select 2 different positioning territories identified inExhibit 6 and trace back through Exhibit 4 and otherembedded info to rationalize the development of theideaInitial Positioning Territories for Italian Sausage, our syndicate choose Family Connection & Clever Cooking based on the facts from Focus Group Discussion on exhibit 4 :• Heavy, Medium and Light Users alike reported that Italian sausage made their lives easier because it was ameal that their husbands and children enjoyed.• Italian sausage was considered a great meal maker.From the perceptual map most women’s evening mealpreparation trade-off, they prefer dishes that is easy to fix andfamily pleasing.
  23. 23. What might a positiong ladder look like for each of the two finalist italian sausage positioning?.Make a positioning statement for the finalist italian sausage positionings use this formula• FormulaFamily ConnectionTo (Female-head-of household) our (vivio) is (family pleasing) that (family connection)Creative CookingTo (Female heads-of-household) our (vivio) is (Family pleasing) that (creative cooking)
  24. 24. What positioning should Banks recommend adopting? Why?Ann Banks should recommend Clever Cooking.The reason is :• Create difference among competitor• Create new brand experience• Tendency to buy is higher than another positioning ( exhibit 11 )• Match to market segment ( exhibit 5 )• Fulfill all elements of brand laddering ( exhibit 7 )
  25. 25. What tactics should accompany the launch?Name of Product VivioPositioning statement Clever CookingCommunication strategy CS:Advertising, Personal Selling, SalesKey functional benefit Promotion and Publicity.Key emotional benefit KFB: flavor enhancement that makes even the best recipes tastes unbelievably better. KEB: makes me feel like a gourmet cookProduct-variation /line item Vivio Delicious Italian SausageFlavorFormOthers varieties
  26. 26. Packaging Large windows so that fresh ingredients are highly visible Strong Italian colors/images to promote heritage Included recipes for quick meal ideas “Tips and Tricks” to teach clever cooking techniquesIn store Tactics Partnering with famous potentialMerchandising spokesperson like Rachael RayPOP
  27. 27. Recommended Tactics for Vivio• Insert fresh herbs that would be visible through the sausage casing but not impact the taste of the sausage.• Different flavor varieties (hot, spicy, beef, bacon,etc)• Alternate label graphics using background photographs, fresh ingredients depictions, the Italian flag.• Famous potential spokespeople like Rachel ray• Celebrity recipes
  28. 28. Thank You...