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This is our group presentation about Aqualisa Quartza in Consumer Behavior class

Aqualisa quartz

  1. 1. Aqualisa Quartz :Simply a Better ShowerAngga Satria 29109370Azniar Nurina 29109361Muhammad Fajar 29109359Rully Setiawan 29109333Surya Agung W H 29109355
  2. 2. Case Overview• Aqualisa’s reputation had always been strong in the U.K. shower, a premium brand, and great service.• Aqualisa has invested 5.8 million to develop a breakthrough product, the Quartz shower that positions itself superiorly in terms of quality, technology, design and ease of installation.• Aqualisa is now looking for a marketing strategy to generate sales momentum for Aqualisa Quartz.
  3. 3. UK Shower Market (Opportunity) Low pressure Fluctuations in temperature
  4. 4. Needs and Wants  Consumer need for U.K showers: water pressure; ease of installation; easy to use; good design.  Consumer want for U.K showers:  looked great  delivered good pressure at stable temperatures  easy to use  didn’t break down Plumbers want for the showers:  easy to install  guarantee for break down/require servicing
  5. 5. Aqualisa’s Core Products Premium Standard Value Aquavalve Aquavalve Aquastyle 609 Value Quartz Aquastream Aquastream Standard Thermostatic Manual Quartz Aquaforce Pumped 1.0/1.5 Bar Aquaforce 2.0/3.0 Bar
  6. 6. Channels of Distribution •High loyalty to product Plumbers •73% sales came from plumbers •Advice a brand for consumer •Preferred to carry high-end product lines and brands Showrooms •Various shower and bath options •Offered installation services by subcontracting •The Aqualisa brand was sold in about 25% of them. •Carried products across all available brands Trade Shop •Their primary customer was the plumber •The Aqualisa brand was available in 40% of trade shops •Offered discount, mass market, do-it-yourself products DIY Sheds •Cheaper and easier to retrofit •The Gainsborough brand was available in 70% of DIY Sheds
  7. 7. Potentials Problem ( Threat ) Product quality Overpriced products Actual service Defect product
  8. 8. Breakthrough in Shower Technology ( Strength ) Remote processor A single hole drilling Efficient and reliable water pressure “One Touch” control
  9. 9. Weaknesses If Quartz is mentioned, our Cannibalism salesman tend to gloss over our other product
  10. 10. The Problem Most plumbers Low wary of new awarenes of technology Quartz invention brand and technology Expensive prize Low sales of Aqualisa Quartz product
  11. 11. Marketing Strategy Targeting Targeting Do-It- Targeting consumer directly Yourself developers • Target • Try to explore • This alternative consumers with deeply because could this product and they were conceivably be a try to build a primarily large-volume consumer brand interested in channel, becaus like “Triton” inexpensive e if the models that developers on were easy to board, they install, even would sell a lot though the of showers products were unattractive
  12. 12. Our strategyTargeting the plumber Why ??? 73% buying decision involve plumber advice Plumbers are the most seller and also the most influencer in the showers sales product, Aqualisa should make an intensive approaching program to introduce the Quartz benefit to the plumbers. Save the cost of advertising
  13. 13. Based on exhibit 4, we can take someinformation that consumers were generallyuninformed about showers, and there was littleunderstanding of product options.It means that brand awareness waslow, consumers is not really understand aboutchoosing the brand of shower, the type and thefunctionality about the product.So this situation give the chance for Aqualisa totry know more deeply about what consumerwant from their product (build consumerintimacy)by explain more detail about all oftheir products to meet a consumerssatisfaction.
  14. 14. Conclusion• Create an intensive Marketing communicating campaign to target market (consumer) & target influencer (plumbers)• focus in premium market shower to increase their sales in Quartz product• Enhance market research to find what customer wants and needs of shower products really are