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Lenovo swot analysis 2017 by GotAbout


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The Lenovo SWOT 2017 is an analysis on strength & weaknesses of, and opportunities & threats for Lenovo Group.

The full elaboration of Lenovo SWOT can be found in the link below:

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Lenovo swot analysis 2017 by GotAbout

  1. 1. COMPANY OVERVIEW Lenovo Group Ltd., also known as Lenovo is one of the most popular Chinese multinational technology companies. The headquarter of Lenovo is in Beijing, China, and in North Carolina, United States. It manufactures and sells electronic products. The most of the popular products of Lenovo are tablet computers, smartphones, electronic storage devices, and smart televisions. It became the largest personal computer vendor by unit sales in 2015. The product lines it sell are ThinkPad, IdeaPad, IdeaCentre, Yoga, and ThinkCentre .
  2. 2. STRENGTHS Complete Line of Products Vertical Integration Knowledge of China Market Low Cost Production Strong Product Portfolio Competent in Merger and Acquisition Workforce Diversity
  3. 3. WEAKNESSES Differentiation Lay-offs of Existing Employees Avoiding Cultural and Managerial Chaos
  4. 4. OPPORTUNITIES Change of Target Market Full Functionality in the Developing Countries Shifting Smartphone Focus Collaboration with Telecom Sectors
  5. 5. THREATS Threats of Substitute Products Negative Sales Growth of Smartphone Industry Increasing Competition
  6. 6. GOTABOUT.INFO The Complete SWOT Analysis can by found in the Website below.