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Smartphone Culture: Reshaping Social Networking & Gaming on Mobile Platformsby FAIZAN SUBZWARI on JULY 19, 2011Social netw...
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Smartphone culture


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Smartphone culture

  1. 1. Smartphone Culture: Reshaping Social Networking & Gaming on Mobile Platformsby FAIZAN SUBZWARI on JULY 19, 2011Social networks have grown to humungous sizes in recent years. In the past two years we have seen astaggering influx in smartphone users. If we analyze the data collected and mined by prominent surveycompanies such as Nielsen Wire and comScore, the survey reports tenderly drive us to the conclusionthat over 250 million Facebook users are currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices.People that use Facebook via Smartphones are twice as active on the social network compared to non-mobile users.The mobility factor combined with smartphone technology has immensely boosted the widespread,mass awareness and user activity rate of social networks such as Facebook. Recently, CrowdStar, a socialgaming company is about to partner with YouWeb to launch a $10 million venture fund called, StarFund.StarFund is a project through which prospective mobile game developers will be scouted and trained.Developments like these mirror the rate of progress smartphone technology is bringing about in tandemwith social media platforms, particularly mobile gaming.Another survey conducted among the general masses of US to calculate how much the smartphoneculture has penetrated, revealed interesting stats. Smartphone ownership grew 35% from 2010 andinstalled base is expected to reach half of US population in a few years. The dramatic shift insmartphone culture observes that more and more users are engaging in social media and downloadingmedia such as games on their smartphones.About 45% of smartphone users play social games on their phones. A smartphone user is 3-5 times morelikely to play games, use social networks, and access internet from their phones in comparison totraditional phone users.In 2010, more than 10 billion apps were downloaded. Mobile apps are taking over the marketplace andmarketers are leveraging the app marketplace with in-app ads to take a scrumptious bite of the mobilemedia pie.The world of mobile apps is interlinked with the wild fire growth rate of social networks and socialgaming. Millions of apps are being downloaded every day. Online marketers are harnessing the power ofapp marketplace to address a global audience of smartphone users. Socialjitney Inc. educates you indevelopment; designing, marketing and monetization of your smartphone app. Contact us or visit our website for further details.