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Fraud Detection Software | vNative


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Affiliate Fraud Detection Methods to prevent
- Ad fraud
- Proxy Fraud
- Bot Traffic

Monitor your fraud activities online on ads with vNative

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Fraud Detection Software | vNative

  1. 1. Fraud Detection vNative
  2. 2. How we detect Fraud ● IP Address ○ If Proxy ○ If Banned ● User Agent ○ Unknow User Agent ○ User Agent Spoofing ● Location and TimeZone ○ If time different than the specified timezone of area ○ Unknow Locations or Country ● Know Operating Systems and Devices
  3. 3. Advanced Checks ● Device Fingerprinting - measurement of anonymous browser, operating system and connection attributes in order to generate a risk profile of a device in real-time. ● Persistent Cookies - Creating Cookies on user to be undestroyable
  4. 4. Fraud IQ ● Bot Mesh Algorithm - Developed by native Tech Team, which allows only real visitors to pass the Code. ● More Secure - It can be Implemented through Simple Image Pixel ● Fast - All the files are hosted on Google Cloud Server and easily accessible. ● Async - all the requests made are asynchronous so sometimes it may take few moments to actually verify a Click
  5. 5. Bot Detect Script Bot Detection Script in Action on Web Page
  6. 6. Summary ● Our System does not block Bot Traffic it only Detects it. ● There are a number of Algorithms at action to give a probability score for Bot Click. ● Some very advanced bot 0.001% still are untraceable ● The Algorithm is correct on 99% Case ● It also assumes device as Bot which does not accept cookies