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  1. 1. www.maureva.com
  2. 2. EDGAR - Airline Suite of Passenger Revenue Accounting Solution A complete suite of Airline Passenger Revenue Accounting Solutions ACHIEVE PASSENGER REVENUE ACCOUNTING Adaptable Solutions: OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE Our differentiated software products combine advanced technology and innovative features that enable Airlines to meet their business goals and achieve increased profitability, while always adhering to industry standards. Delivered as standalone or as integrated solutions under various flexible deployment methods (such as licensed, ASP or hosted services for organization wishing to outsource these processes), we will scale our solutions to your needs. Maureva brings together a powerful combination of proprietary end-to-end Revenue Accounting software solutions and services that help Airlines achieve Revenue Control, Protection and Optimization. EDGAR PRA, our core Revenue Accounting application, is delivered with its powerful Business Intelligence module, EDGAR BI. Optional modules such as EDGAR ARTEMIS, EDGAR F4C or EDGAR ET-U will provide your airline with definite competitive advantage and enhance your cost savings. EDGAR MISC and EDGAR RMS can be delivered as standalone applications or integrated with our other Revenue Accounting solutions to cover various functionalities, benefitting your Airline. Knowledge and experience: EDGAR Suite of solutions is the right choice for Airline companies looking to consistently reduce their costs, improve their controls and optimize their revenues. Maureva combines more than fifteen years’ industry experience and exhaustive know-how in Revenue Accounting with user-friendly and adaptable software solutions to process airline commercial and financial data seamlessly. Customized implementation: With a pool of experienced and talented consultants with experiences of implementation within numerous Airlines across the world, Maureva implements value-driven solution according to the best practices found in the industry while helping you manage change within your Airline and other challenges. Robust Support: Our solutions are backed by strong support and maintenance services, qualified to resolve any application-related issue and provide you with the required documentation and guidance in order to maximize the benefits of using our applications. www.maureva.com
  3. 3. EDGAR PRA - Passenger Revenue Accounting Core Module EXPERIENCE TRUE REVENUE ACCOUNTING EDGAR PRA is a complete and highly automated Sales Based Passenger Revenue Accounting System. EDGAR PRA enables any airline to implement industry best practices in Revenue Accounting compliant with SIS and IATA rules and regulations. Designed to improve productivity, information accuracy and flows, EDGAR PRA transposes data from various sources into the most accurate, detailed and relevant outputs. EDGAR PRA covers all aspects and activities related to Passenger Revenue Accounting. It integrates a real-time standalone proration engine which handles all bilateral scenarios (Code Share Agreements, SPA, MPA, etc.). Our development team constantly innovates to improve data automation and control. EDGAR BI, EDGAR PRA’s integrated Business Intelligence and Reporting module, comprises of a customizable General Ledger interface that provides extensive information for performance analysis and assists Top Management, Accounting, Sales and Marketing departments in decision making. EDGAR PRA conveniently integrates Airline specific business requirements. A variety of optional modules and web services are offered to connect with your Information System. EDGAR PRA fulfils the requirements of PCI-DSS compliancy. EDGAR PRA uses Oracle Database, a proven and widely adopted technology platform, and is able to run on the most used computer environments such as Windows and Linux. “ADOPTED BY MORE THAN THIRTY AIRLINES ACROSS THE WORLD, EDGAR PRA ENABLES OUR CUSTOMERS TO ACHIEVE HIGH PROCESS AUTOMATION WHILE CATERING FOR NEW INDUSTRY STANDARDS SUCH AS EMD” BUSINESS BENEFITS Increased Productivity Through facilitated data exchanges, process automation and custom-made interfaces, EDGAR PRA greatly fastens the revenue accounting cycle, from initial data input to management reporting. Boosted Profitability EDGAR PRA’s various control functions, alerts and checks on data accuracy guarantees flawless revenue protection and cash-flow optimization for billings. Enhanced Decision Making The Business Intelligence and Reporting module, EDGAR BI, delivers comprehensive Statistical and Managerial Reports. Connectivity to Data Warehouse, General Ledger and Accounts Receivable enables complete integration into your IT environment. Greater Flexibility In addition to providing continued industry compliance, our focus is to deliver highly adaptable and flexible Revenue Accounting solutions through customization and adaptability to your airline specific business needs and development of tailored interfaces and web-service integration. Page 2
  4. 4. EDGAR PRA - Passenger Revenue Accounting Core Module EDGAR PRA MAIN FUNCTIONALITIES FLOWN PROCESSING EDGAR PRA comes as a complete package and covers all aspects of Passenger Revenue Accounting, from Data Capture to final Reporting.  DATA PROCESSING Data Capture Automatic integration of information with data retrieval or interfaces (from IINET, Ftp, Mail, Etc.)  From ARC, BSP and GDS files, SIS, Lift Files, etc.  Multiple functions provided for accurate, fast and reliable data capture  SALES PROCESSING Sales and Refund Data Processing Automatic proration of documents as per industry norms (MPA, SPA, etc.)  Online integrated prorate engine  Handling of Penalty Fee for both exchanges and refunds  Handling of Service Fees on Sales  Handling of VAT  Tax Break down and assigning on a per coupon basis  Handling of EMDs with Sub codes  FIM Sales Processing  Sales and Refund Audit Batch auditing of fares, commissions and taxes  Processing of unreported sales  Automated generation and transmission of ADMs and ACMs to external source (e.g. BSP Link) through mass upload  Advanced flight set management (based on real-time flight operation messages)  Handling of No-Show (tracking and processing)  Bparser (SSIM and DCS interface): Passenger manifests (PRL, PFS etc) integrated into the system for automated reconciliation of uplifts  Handling of EMD uplift and control INTERLINE BILLINGS SIS Compliancy  Handling of codeshare  SPA Management  Simplified FIM billing  Frequent Flyer Award Billing  Automated Inward Billing process  EMD Interline Billings  First and final billing (including TCN-SDE)  EDGAR PRA QUALITY CONTROL TOOLS EDGAR PRA includes a set of quality oriented tools which facilitate the day-to-day work organization within your team and guarantees data reliability. Customizable Sequences for Quality Controls E-Ticket Database controls using Purge Files  QCA : Quality Control Agent Email Alerts  Revenue Accounting KPI report  Audit Mode  Page 3
  5. 5. EDGAR BI - Business Intelligence Solution Core Module MANAGEMENT AND FINANCIAL REPORTING MODULE “ACHIEVE GREATER AGILITY WITH EDGAR BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SOLUTION TO FASTEN YOUR DECISION MAKING CYCLE” Monitor your Revenue Accounting activity with EDGAR BI. EDGAR BI is EDGAR PRA’s web-based set of financial tools that will allow you to monitor, analyze, and provide justification on your complete activity. MAIN FUNCTIONALITIES Deliver on-time accurate and customized information to your stakeholders with various reporting tools, including a highly flexible Business Intelligence Reporting tool, a wide range of customizable reports and our continuously growing ad-hoc reports database. Our complete and down to coupon level forward sales account analysis, along with its graphical interpretations will enable you to closely monitor and forecast your revenues. Exhaustive statistical reports on various items (sales, uplifts, refunds, interline, taxes, etc.)  Multi-dimensional reports combining different levels of information  Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) : Integrated Business Intelligence solution providing a highly flexible and real-time reporting engine  Account analysis of forward sales (balances) with complete audit trails  Customizable General Ledger interface: Every transaction processed in EDGAR PRA is posted in the GL interface. Output is done in batches with complete audit trail files at coupon level  Interface with third party BI Solutions or Data Warehouse to enable forecasting and dashboards creation  Scheduled Automatic Report Generation  Web Based Module with secured access and system logs  EDGAR BI integrates a customizable GL interface that automates General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable postings for each of your Revenue Accounting transactions. Customized for the major ERP solutions available on the market (such as SAP, Oracle Financials, Sage, etc.), and approved by major audit firms, the interface provides detailed audit trail files for justification purposes. Differential mechanisms are used within the system in Page 4
  6. 6. EDGAR F4C - Advanced Fare Audit Solution Optional Module PLUG REVENUE LEAKAGES WITH F4C AUTOMATED FARE AUDIT SOLUTION Fare For Check (F4C) greatly simplifies, fastens, and enhances the reliability of the fare auditing process. Offered as an optional module to EDGAR PRA, F4C enables users to directly retrieve fare quotes, conditions and rules for validation while questioning the AMADEUS Fare Quote Engine through a certified Web Service. The querying is done in an interactive mode, by clicking on an integrated EDGAR command whist either being on a specific document, in batch mode, using a sequence, a specific source or even multiple sources at a time. The correct fare calculations are also retrieved and stored in EDGAR PRA. The Revenue Accounting team is then able to automatically generate ADM’s where necessary, and add any applicable penalty. F4C constitutes an alternative to the original Audit Mode feature available in EDGAR PRA which allows the users to conduct fare auditing based on data from enriched fare grids (in ATPCO FROP format) loaded in the database as well as commission and tax auditing (with our enhanced tax database). “MAXIMIZE YOUR REVENUE PROTECTION WHILE CONSIDERABLY REDUCING THE WORKLOAD ASSOCIATED WITH TIMECONSUMING FARE AUDITING PROCESSES” BUSINESS BENEFITS Reduce Audit Cost F4C considerably minimizes time consuming tasks related to classic Fare Auditing process and eliminates the need to regularly update and enrich Fare Grids into EDGAR PRA. The process is streamlined, fare quotes and conditions can be retrieved by batches and a single AMADEUS access is required. Improved Auditing Capabilities While limiting user intervention to the strict minimum and directly retrieving fare quote and conditions from the GDS Service Amadeus, F4C limits the risk of errors in the auditing process. You are now able to generate ADM’s and recover Revenues in an automated and efficient manner. Ease of use F4C functionality is fully integrated within EDGAR PRA and is made directly accessible by the user, based on its specific user rights. F4C does not require the user to have any specific training on Fare syntax. Page 5
  7. 7. EDGAR ARTEMIS - Online Invoicing Solution Optional Module STREAMLINE CUSTOMERS’ INVOICING PROCESS WITH ARTEMIS ARTEMIS simplifies the way worldwide airline-ticketing offices and accounts department create and manage invoices. ARTEMIS significantly increases the reliability of the invoicing process, by collecting PNR information directly from the CRS host or by retrieving information from EDGAR PRA for Corporate customer’s invoices. ARTEMIS functionalities are differentiated between “Front Office” (sales agents) and “Back Office” (revenue accounting / accounts department) related features. “Front Office” – CRS Connectivity Directly used by worldwide Airlines’ Sales Agents, ARTEMIS Front Office speeds up invoices generation with the CRS host connection. Sales agents retrieve PNRs, collect all ticketing data automatically (origin / destination, passenger names, fares and taxes) and insert all items selected by the user in the invoice. Different client types are distinguished:  Travel agencies eligible for a commission  Regular customers  Prepaid customers “Back Office” – EDGAR PRA Connectivity Automated generation of invoices for tickets issued and paid by a corporate customer can be done in connection with EDGAR Web Services. Batch Invoice processing is also available. The retrieval of refunds made for corporate customers for credit note generation is possible. The Back Office functionality can be hosted in your own offices (three-tier architecture) or delivered as a service. BUSINESS BENEFITS Increase Agent Productivity ARTEMIS eliminates time-consuming and manual gathering of information by airline ticketing offices. Agents are able to focus on their core activity of airline tickets sales. Greater Invoice Accuracy The automatic generation of invoices and controls for manual data, minimize the risk of errors while creating invoices.  Groups With its Web Based network configuration, Agents are able to access their own unique database for reliable and up-to-date client data. User Friendly / Enhanced User Coverage ARTEMIS is available to all your international ticketing offices, thanks to its web based and multilingual configuration. Page 6
  8. 8. EDGAR ARTEMIS - Online Invoicing Solution Optional Module EDGAR ARTEMIS MAIN FUNCTIONALITIES Front Office – CRS Host Connectivity Interface to Financial System Ability to insert a single or several tickets from a PNR  Capture of ticket number, tax amount, service fees, passenger names  Ability to manage different types of TST  Ability to insert several PNRs in the same invoice  Capability to modify the amount recorded in the host, an action subject to program controls and within specific parameters.   Back Office – EDGAR PRA Connectivity Automatic generation of Corporate Customers and GSA invoices  Refunds retrieval for credit note generation  Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable or General Ledger Interface for posting generation  Customizable Interface to various ERP solutions available (including SAP, Oracle Financials, SAGE, etc.)  Differential mechanism and audit trail files available Customizable System Parameters User and invoicing office management  Secured and specific user access  Multilingual software  Multicurrency management  User-friendly navigation  Powerful Invoice Management Travel agent, regular client, prepaid client reference files (for one or several invoicing offices)  Miscellaneous items billing (hotel, insurance etc.)  Centralized backup of invoice database  Powerful invoice search engine  Possibility of using temporary invoices  Summary report for financial reviews  Enhanced printing facilities to paper, PDF file or e-mail  Scheduling of automatic invoice generation  Page 7
  9. 9. EDGAR ET-U - ETKT Status Updater Optional Module As part of our continuous development and innovative processes, MAUREVA is now offering EDGAR ET-U, a new optional module to EDGAR Passenger Revenue Accounting Software. EDGAR ET-U enables users to have direct access to an Airline’s E-Ticket Database using EDGAR PRA to perform commands for E -Ticket status updates. “SAVE TIME ”AND REDUCE RISK OF DOUBLE USAGES WITH EDGAR ET-U BY UPDATING IN REAL-TIME E-TICKET’s STATUSES DIRECTLY FROM EDGAR PRA” BUSINESS BENEFITS Using this new module will help boost your productivity in the following scenarios: Set ET status to Refunded via “Ticket Account” (Own Airline document) in the case an Agent performs refund using Refund Application  Set ET status to Suspended and Outdated via “Ticket Account” (Own Airline document)  Display ET status in “Ticket Account” (Own Airline & Other Airline document)  Set ET status to E or G in case of Flight Interruption Manifest is issued on the station via Own Airline sales program (Own Airline & Other Airline document)  No show management with ET status Update via Flight Set (Own Airline document)  ET Flown Updates via “Ticket Account” (Own Airline & Other Airline document)  Cost Reduction EDGAR ET-U eliminates time consuming manual processing of electronic ticket updates and considerably reduces costs related to this activity. Revenue Leakage Prevention EDGAR ET-U adds new value to better management of your E-ticket Database and enables users to more efficiently prevent risks of double uses and fraud. This optional module is currently available to AMADEUS ALTEA users and MAUREVA plans to develop it for other Inventory Systems depending on the availability of Web Services. Follow us on : www.maureva.com Maureva Ltd. 3rd Floor, Orange Tower, Ebene Cybercity, Mauritius Tel: +230 466 68 30, Fax: +230 466 71 97, Email : contact@maureva.com
  10. 10. EDGAR MISC - Miscellaneous Billing Solution Standalone Module SIS COMPLIANT AND HIGHLY AUTOMATED MISCELLANEOUS BILLING SOLUTION IATA has enforced new standards via the SIS project for Miscellaneous Billing. Unique keys such as the associated Charge Category and Charge Code have permitted automation of the system in regards to the posting and reconciliation of miscellaneous invoices. The evolution in the manner in which miscellaneous invoices are handled has required MAUREVA to adapt its solutions in this respect to the ever-growing demand for airline business technology solutions. MISC Billing is a stand-alone application that enables entities to manage the full scope of miscellaneous invoices (references, file imports, invoice creation, follow-ups, rejection, exports and controls). In addition to covering the specification of the IATA Simplified Interline Settlement, MISC Billing will greatly fasten miscellaneous billing processing while reducing manual capture with various automated processes and interfaces. The application is offered to you as an ASP or In-House solution. BUSINESS BENEFITS Improved Efficiency MISC Billing significantly reduces manual capture and integrates various automated functions to facilitate user processes and the rapidity of miscellaneous billings. Users gain specific validation accesses depending on their attribution to reduce the risk of error and maximize control. Revenue Protection MISC Billing will highly improve the invoicing process while ensuring, thanks to various control functions, that the users correctly bill or control partners’ billings. This will result in an enhanced billing cycle and therefore better cash flows. Information Accessibility The centralisation of information by MISC including supporting documents enables users to gain better accountability and access to information for their miscellaneous billings. Maureva Ltd. 3rd Floor, Orange Tower, Ebene Cybercity, Mauritius Tel: +230 466 68 30, Fax: +230 466 71 97, Email : contact@maureva.com
  11. 11. EDGAR RMS - Revenue Management Solution Standalone Module FLEXIBLE AND RELIABLE SOLUTIONS TO FORECAST, REPORT AND OPTIMIZE YOUR REVENUES EDGAR RMS is one of the most flexible and reliable solutions to report and optimize your revenues. Exclusively designed for the Airline industry, EDGAR RMS combines a portfolio of Revenue Management decision support solutions which comprise of different modules, namely: FORECAST  DAILY MONITORING  COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE  PNR ANALYTICS  These modules contribute to define your strategy, maximize your profits and revenue performance as well as assist you in building your optimal fare structure. Using EDGAR PRA web services, EDGAR RMS retrieves daily information to generate refined revenue estimates. Enhanced Commercial Awareness EDGAR RMS enables teams to build deeper analysis of flights patterns and enhance decision making towards flight management. EDGAR RMS allows daily follow – up, reporting and forecast of commercial activity. Revenue Enhancement Through its various modules, EDGAR RMS allows airlines to gain the edge over their market competitors, to anticipate market variances and to enable quicker corrective action to seize opportunities. Dynamic Reporting Capabilities Exhaustive reports are available from enhanced macro level reporting to single flight analysis by booking class. The comprehensive and functional reports are available in various formats such as Excel, PDF or as Dynamic Reports to enable data manipulation. Complete Adaptation to Airline Business Model BUSINESS BENEFITS Highly adaptable, EDGAR RMS can be fully customized to your class structure, market zones, seasons and other specific airline requirements. Time Optimization Customizable Alerts Generation EDGAR RMS enables quick generation of user friendly dynamic reports for top management communication. It also simplifies the Revenue Management department’s routine work on a global or detailed perspective and generates notifications on bookings and load factor evolution when corrective actions are required. EDGAR RMS produces configurable email alerts of regular reports and graphs, as well as customizable notifications for elements such as occupancy rates, overbooking and sales progression. This enables management to better monitor and react to business activities. Event Management Capabilities The event organizing capabilities of EDGAR RMS enables the application to preregister specific periods or events and help manage business activities accordingly to maximise potential benefits for airlines. www.maureva;com
  12. 12. EDGAR RMS - Revenue Management Solution Standalone Module EDGAR RMS AVAILABLE MODULES EDGAR RMS - COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE EDGAR RMS - FORECAST Our Competitive Intelligence (CI) module uses Amadeus GDS to enable the user to track your airline competitor’s tariff levels displaying their seat availability evolution per class. Competitive Intelligence (CI) sends you alerts on events and irregularities that occur between two dates such as flight removal, opened or closed class, modified fares or flight schedule and many other items. FORECAST analyses bookings retrieved from Amadeus ALTEA reservation system. FORECAST provides an interface that allows users to display comprehensive graphical views and reports of booking rates progression along with historical data comparisons and evolution forecasts. MAIN FUNCTIONALITIES Graphical Analysis and Dashboard Reconciliation of flight bookings  Forecast of Estimated Revenue  Origin and Destination Analysis  Historical Data Comparison and Evolution Forecast  Dynamic Graphs and Progression Curves of bookings and revenues  Customizable Alerts  EDGAR RMS - DAILY MONITORING DAILY MONITORING utilizes PFS messages retrieved directly from airport stations to follow-up daily commercial activity and provides real – time visibility. This post – departure module enables you to analyze each flight and specific fare class, the number of boarded passengers, NoShows, Go-Shows and ID Tickets. DAILY MONITORING will calculate the reliable flight estimated revenue and occupancy rates per class. The application is directly linked to EDGAR PRA and allows day to day reconciliation of revenues which assists accountability of monthly revenues. EDGAR RMS - PNR ANALYTICS PNR Analytics utilises information extracted from the PNR Data Feed files generated by the Amadeus Reservation System. This detailed PNR data is provided on a daily basis and notifies the user of creations, modifications and deletions in the Reservation System. This information enables the PNR Analytics module to generate various useful data reports. FLIGHT CONTACT is a sub module of PNR ANALYTICS, the application enables automatic generation of SMS messages in the case of flight irregularities or disruptions. It extracts listings of all passengers travelling on a particular flight, including contact telephone numbers and email information. MAIN FUNCTIONALITIES Daily sales statistics and ancillary revenues by agency and other criteria such as by station or flight dates  Listing of PNRs with missing ticket issuance for optimisation and reliability of sales  General statistics on customer purchasing behaviours such as time frame between reservation and ticket issuance or departure date, travel type (single/return) and stay duration  Specific reports based on this PNR data can be generated Maureva Ltd. 3rd Floor, Orange Tower, Ebene Cybercity, Mauritius Tel: +230 466 68 30, Fax: +230 466 71 97, Email : contact@maureva.com
  13. 13. BPO - Revenue Accounting Services ACHIEVE HIGHER REVENUE ACCOUNTING PERFORMANCE WHILE CONTROLING YOUR COST WITH MAUREVA BPO SERVICES The best combination of business and software expertise in Revenue Accounting lies within MAUREVA’s Business Process Outsourcing department. Our BPO service division is responsible for timely and reliable processing of our client airlines’ Revenue Accounting, according to their specific business cases. “MAUREVA BPO SERVICES ENSURE REVENUE PROTECTION THROUGH MULTIPLE CONTROLS AND PROVIDE YOU WITH STRATEGIC REPORTING TO ASSIST YOUR DECISION MAKING” We enable you to benefit from our experienced and recognized team of revenue accounting specialists utilizing the most advanced features developed for our proprietary software solutions. Whether you are seeking to improve quality of processing according to industry’s best practices, rigorous protection of revenue, to obtain timely reporting or to reduce costs, our BPO service team will deliver true value while taking into consideration your specific business requirements. Our dedicated Operations department provides partial or complete Passenger and Cargo Revenue Accounting services. We are strongly dedicated to the Airlines that we serve and we commit to the highest levels of transparency while guaranteeing your constant control over your data. Constant interactions between our dedicated teams of specialists and their respective clients is achieved through continuous and clear communication. BUSINESS BENEFITS Optimized Revenue Accounting Processes Benefit from more than 15 years’ experience in Revenue Accounting and from our team’s expertise in applying industry best practices and understanding airlines’ specific business cases. Various automated controls performed in the system combined with human verification procedures guarantee the most accurate data. Enhanced Revenues and Cost Reduction In addition to protecting your revenues with our strict controls, we ensure to optimize your cash flow cycles in crucial areas such as interline billings. With no investment in hardware and trained personnel required, our pricing depends on the volume of documents processed by our team. Improved Strategic Decision Making and Transparency We provide timely and exhaustive reporting, including AdHoc, and we grant you with a remote access to your data and reports generation. Our internal quality controls and audits are fully disclosed to our Clients and we adhere to strict Service Level Agreement’s (SLA). www.maureva.com
  14. 14. BPO - Revenue Accounting Services MAIN SERVICES OFFERED QUALITY FOCUS Master Data Management  Data Input (Automatic and Manual)  Sales Data Processing  Complete Sales Audit  Raising and Management of ADM / ACM  Corporate Customer Invoicing with EDGAR ARTEMIS  Flown Documents Processing  ETKT Database Status changes and updates  Mail processing (Cargo only)  SIS Compliant Outward and Inward Interline Control and Billings Rejection and Correspondence Management  Statistical reports available in different formats (csv, xls, pdf, html)  Financial Reporting including General Ledger entries  Complete Audit Trails  Web Access to Data, including Reporting  Third Party System Integration (RMS / FFP / Operations / etc.)  Archival of Documents Quality is our motto and we ensure that we deliver the most reliable and accurate data in a consistent manner. Maureva’s service guarantees:  DEDICATED TEAM OF EXPERTS Our dedicated teams deliver real added value through close collaboration and communication with their clients. We ensure that measures are taken to enhance revenue protection and provide the flexibility and responsiveness required. Our teams benefit from numerous skills and expertise including:  Experienced Revenue Accounting Specialists  Regular IATA and Internal Training  Customer Orientation and Problem Solving Abilities  Maintaining Industry Best Practices  Fluency in English and French  Tailored Solutions and Services ISO 9001:2008 Certification (for Passenger Revenue Accounting)  Use of EDGAR PRA Quality Control Tools  Monitoring of Service Level Agreements (SLA)  Internal Audits  Internal Quality Audits  Revenue Accounting Audits  Technical Audits  SLA Audits  Frequent Evaluation of Suppliers  DYNAMIC LOCATION Mauritius Island provides the perfect environment to outsource highly skilled services and we are proud to be based in this safe, dynamic and business friendly environment. Our offices are located in the Ebene CyberCity which hosts various globally recognized I.T and Finance companies. We are served by the best business infrastructure in the country and access to our offices is granted via biometric identification and secured systems. We ensure protection and full client data confidentiality. Our data security center operates 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. Maureva Ltd. 3rd Floor, Orange Tower, Ebene Cybercity, Mauritius Tel: +230 466 68 30, Fax: +230 466 71 97, Email : contact@maureva.com