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The Faith@Home             Church Seminar    Session 1 In the past, faith was a central part of    our life at home, yet t...
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Faith@Home church seminar poster


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Faith@Home church seminar poster

  1. 1. The Faith@Home Church Seminar Session 1 In the past, faith was a central part of our life at home, yet the reality for many people today is that faith is no more than one-hour, at church F@H focused Christianity. As a result many young adults Faith Begins @Home are walking away from the faith because they believe Christianity is hypocritical. This session will provide the Biblical and statistical foundation for why the home must be the primary place where faith is nurtured. Session 2 Modern day research confirms that religious life in the home is more influential than the Becoming a church. Therefore one of the greatest existing challenges facing the church today is determining Faith@Home how we can establish the home as the primary place where faith is nurtured through our existing ministry Focused Church structures. This session will show you a right and wrong way to go about doing this. “Senior Pastors only”* Being a Sr. Pastor is not easy and a special time has been set aside for Sr. Pastors to talk heart to heart (optional lunch) with Mark, a former Sr. Pastor who has faced similar challenges. How does faith@home impact the work and calling of Sr. Pastors? Session 3 In this session you will be given some Keys and Traps important keys and traps to avoid as you seek to become a faith at home focused church. Come and learn from the mistakes and victories of other to Become a churches and church leaders who have become Faith @Home faith at home focused. This session will also provide a time for you to ask questions that you may have. Focused ChurchThis seminar is coming to: Mark A. Holmen is a husband, father,Location : pastor, consultant, speaker for Focus On The Family and the Willow CreekDate: Association. He is also the author of several books.Time: Mark, his wife Maria (author of Faith@Home Focused Mom) andCost: daughter Malyn currently live in Ventura, California where they nowCall for info: serve as full-time Missionaries for the Faith@Home movement. a speaker for FOTF and the Willow Creek Association.