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Is social media madness driving you crazy


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How to find social media sanity in 5 easy steps

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Is social media madness driving you crazy

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Many green businesses make the mistake of jumping onto the social media bandwagon without thought. That’s a recipe for disaster. But join the social media world in the right way and your green business can thrive on the benefits of audience engagement and growth. Take your first key steps toward this end by answering the following 5 questions …
  3. 3. Make a list of what you want to get out of a social media presence. Then choose your top three. For Instance, do you want to:         Generate leads ? Build your brand’s sustainable reputation ? Engage with your earth-friendly audience? Improve customer service? Promote your green product(s) or service(s)? Engage with others in the green world you respect and trust? Send people to online/offline webinars and conferences? Other …
  4. 4. As Corbett Barr said, “The difference is the difference.” Begin defining what sets your green biz apart from your competition by answering these questions:    What’s your story? What do you stand for? What unique benefit does your brand, product or service offer that you can make part of your green message? You will use this difference to promote your company in the social media world.
  5. 5. Will you be reaching out to:      Existing customers? Prospective customers? Influencers in the green world? Industry media/authors? Other groups? Develop a “persona” for each audience group you identify. What do they care about? How old are they? What are their needs, wants & challenges? These profiles will guide what you write about & share. They are key to audience engagement & growth.
  6. 6.  Maybe it’s just you (that’s a good start!) but …  Can someone else manage your social media work each day?  Do you know anyone skilled at writing blogs and other content?  Who will track, monitor and report on social media activities so you know what’s working and what isn’t?  Will you outsource some or all of your social media management responsibilities? A successful social media experience means developing your strategy according to the size of your team.
  7. 7. You wouldn’t go on a trip without a travel budget. It’s the same with social media. Consider these things as you develop your budget:  How much can you invest in social media in the next 6-12 months?  Will you have an ongoing management budget?  Will it be a startup and launch budget? A budget for a specific campaign? 
  8. 8. Goals. Uniqueness. Audience. Team. Budget. You’ve now developed the 5 foundational steps needed to kickstart your green business into social media success. Questions? Call us at 855-263-2985 for a FREE consultation. See next page for SNEAK preview: Discover a new business blogging eBook to kickstart your green biz blog!
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  10. 10. About the Authors Faith Attaguile spends most of her time at offering copywriting, blogging and empowerment marketing services to ecobusinesses working for a greener world. She’s been trained in business blogging by Corbett Barr (Think Traffic), has guest-blogged at, and writes regular posts for her own website blog. Recent articles can be found in East County Magazine and The Coast News. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Valérie Leroyer is a freelance blogger for the Great Outdoors and Kayaking industries. She’s been trained in business blogging by Corbett Barr (Think Traffic), Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner, and Danny Iny from Firepole Marketing. Follow her on Twitter, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn.
  11. 11. What are you waiting for? Start growing your influence in the green world now! Call us at 855-263-2985 for a FREE chat or contact us here