Quit Smoking Today


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If you want to quit smoking, then you could start with e-cigarettes. They are very healthy compared to regular cigarettes. This presentation can help you. Visit www.Ecigz.net for more information.

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Quit Smoking Today

  1. 1. Why You Should Use E-Cigarettes • • • • • • Give the Same Tobacco Flavor Healthy Compared to Regular Cigarettes Don’t Have Any Dirty Smell No Risk of Second Hand Smoking Don’t Make Teeth Yellow Cheap
  2. 2. Vital Stats Regular Cigarettes E-Cigarettes 4,000 Chemicals are Used 1 Chemical (Nicotine) is Used 6 Million Deaths Every year None Died 50,000 Deaths Due to Second Hand Smoking No Chance of Second Hand Smoking Very Dangerous for Health 1000 Times Less Dangerous than Regular Cigarettes You Inhale Smoke You Inhale Water Vapor
  3. 3. History • Invented in 2001 by A Chinese Pharmacist • Got Patent in 2003
  4. 4. How They Work
  5. 5. Top E-Cigarette Users • • • • • • • Leonardo DiCaprio Johnny Depp Nikki Reed Kevin Federline Lindsay Lohan Paris Hilton Charlie Sheen
  6. 6. Prices • 60 Dollars for High-quality Brands • Don’t Use Low-quality E-cigarettes • Low-quality Products Might Have Bad Effects
  7. 7. Good Luck! • Quit Smoking, Start Using E-Cigarettes