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FITC Sneak Peek 2012


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Sneak peek presentation for Android and CoffeeScript

Published in: Technology
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FITC Sneak Peek 2012

  1. 1. FITC SNEAK PEEK Where is My Bus? Coffeescript & JellybeanFaisal Abid @faisalabid
  2. 2. WHO AM I? • Software developer working with Android since the beta days • Started working in Node.js and Coffeescript for the past year. • Previous Flash/Flex/ColdFusion developer. • Co-Author Flex 3 in Action • Entrepreneur, Author, Teacher & DeveloperFaisal Abid @faisalabid
  3. 3. FITC SNEAK PEEK • CoffeeScript on Day 1 • Android Jellybean on Day 2Faisal Abid @faisalabid
  4. 4. WHY WHERE IS MY BUS? • Current bus apps look like crap. • Only good competitor is Google now. But not everyone has jellybean.Faisal Abid @faisalabid
  5. 5. WHERE IS MY BUS? • What I’ve done with CoffeeScript (Node.js) and AndroidFaisal Abid @faisalabid
  6. 6. HOW WHERE IS MY BUS? WAS CREATED • Wanted to take a new approach to development. • Got tired of Ruby, PHP and ColdFusion • Node.js is awesome. Lean, Mean and Green. • Javascript is nice but... • CoffeeScript is great, seriously easy to pick up especially if your a java guy.Faisal Abid @faisalabid
  7. 7. COFFEESCRIPT SYNTAX EXAMPLE class Podcast extends Medium     constructor: (name, @description) ->         super name     listen: ->         console.log ‘Listening to ‘ + @name     playOn: ->         console.log ‘iPod’Faisal Abid @faisalabid
  8. 8. COFFESCRIPT WORKS WITH JAVASCRIPT.. ..AND VICE VERSA JAVASCRIPT var routes = require(“./lib/routes”); COFFEESCRIPT exports.setupRoutes = (app) ->   app.namespace “/”, ->     app.get “/”, (req, res) ->       res.send “These are not the droids”Faisal Abid @faisalabid
  9. 9. Learn all about CoffeeScript at my presentation: “COFFEESCRIPT 101” Thursday September 27 & “JELLYBEAN TIPS AND TRICKS” Friday September 28Faisal Abid @faisalabid
  10. 10. THANK YOU!Faisal Abid @faisalabid