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Fairy tale


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Fairy tale web quest:):):):)

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Fairy tale

  1. 1. Fairytale Web questBy Giorgia, Jacob, Maddy and Matthew
  2. 2. Our taskOur task was to complete a web quest in groups of four.
  3. 3. Fairy Princesses
  4. 4. Fairy Princess chart
  5. 5. Work sheet one Worksheet: Understanding Literary Terms Name : ___________________This worksheet will allow you to understand literary terms that will be of help to the writing of your fracturedfairy tale. Find the information using the websites provided. Write the definitions in your own words to provethat you understand their meaning. 1. What is irony? Write the title of a fractured fairy tale that uses this technique. 2. What is satire? Write the title of a fractured fairy tale that uses this technique. 3. What is parody? Write the title of a fractured fairy tale that uses this technique. 4. What is a stereotype? 5. Write 5 stereotype examples. 6. Why is it important to understand and identify stereotypes? 7. Are stereotypes always negative? Explain.Irony: Irony is when one of the people says the opposite of what they mean and the other person believes theopposite of what they said. Also something that is funny in a serious way. An example of irony is Little RedRiding Hood.Satire: Satire is when someone uses sarcasm to make fun of something else. An example of satire is Cinderella.Parody: A humorous version of a common story. An example of parody is Sherk.Stereotype: Stereotypes are like saying that a princess has to be beautiful and kind and sweet, so that is howwe see princesses.Also it can be when we say that the bad guys are the witches and giants and the big bad wolf.CinderellaBeauty and the BeastAladdinJack and the BeanstalkThree billy goats gruff.Why is it important to understand and identify stereotypes?Because it is better to be yourself and not judge people because of what other people say they should be.Are stereotypes always negative? Explain.Yes because it’s saying how people should be, like they always say that princesses are kind and pretty and sweet.But what is their not they won’t fit in at all.Also the giants and witches and all the bad people in stories, now when you think of them you think that they’rebad so that’s why I think there negative.
  6. 6. Name : Work sheet two In order to write a good analysis of the Fairy Tale you read, answer these questions first.These questions will get you thinking critically about the tale and allow you to order your thoughts. In other words, thisworksheet is the planning sheet for an analysis of the Fairy Tale you read.Once you have completed these questions, use the information you have written out to write your analysis. Make sure youmention what Fairy Tale you are analyzing and dont forget your name. It would be a good idea to write a paragraph for eachquestion. This way, your analysis will be easy to read and will also be thorough.1. Write a short summary of the story you read.I read beauty and the beast. It was about a father who got lost in the woods and found a castle. Sleepy and cold he goes into the castle and then he goes to sleep there and when he wakes up he finds himself alone. So he goes out side and sees some rose remembering his promise to Beauty his daughter goes to pick one. A beast comes out of and says that he will die our bring his daughter to the castle to live instead of him. The father agrees and goes home and gets his daughter. She doesn’t mind it that much and they become friends not soon after, soon he asks her to marry him she says no. One day he brings her a magic mirror to see her family through she sees that her father is sick and is asks if she can go home he says yes but only for seven days. Her father gets better then she sees in one of her dreams that the beast is dieing so she goes back he is sick so she realizes that she loves him and agrees to marry him he turns human. Turns out a witch turned him into a beast and only someone agreeing to marry him and loving him when he looks like that will break the spell. 2. Define stereotype in your own words. It is the way you are supposed to think of things like princesses have to be pretty and kind. Also giants are mean what if they are not. It’s like saying that is the way we are supposed to see people. 3. Identify and describe the stereotypes that are found in the Fairy Tale you read. a. Female characters: b. Male characters: He was the beast and because he was a beast he was thought of as mean and couldn’t be a good person inside. c. Others: The witch that turned him into a beast is thought of as mean but really she had a reason because she was teaching him a lesson because he was mean and he thought everyone should like him because he was good looking.4. Describe for the reader what the stereotypes youve mentioned above tell us about :a) the role of women at the time the story was writtenBeauty was the maiden who agreed to save her father and take his place, in the castle living with the beast who she fallsin love with and breaks the curse.b) the family values at the time the story was writtenThere is lots of family values because Beauty takes her fathers place so he won’t die.c) the rights of children at the time the story was writtenThey didn’t have much rights though they loved their daddy very much.d) others
  7. 7. Work sheet three Story Planning Name : _______Giorgia_________You will be writing your very own Fractured Fairy Tale. It is a very important step to plan your story beforewriting. Please answer the questions carefully with complete sentences. And, remember to try and avoidstereotypes.1. Which fairy tale will you fracture?Cinderella2. Name and describe your main characters.3. From whose point of view will the story be?Cinderella, Bob, Wolf/Burt.4. What will be the major events that happen in your story. Give a brief outline of the plot.The wolf is theprince and Cinderella lives with the three little pigs so when the ball comes up the the pigs forbid her to goshe sneaks out and meets the prince/wolf/Burt at the ball having to return her dress by midnight she has to leaveearly. Will the wolf mange to find his true love and what will the pigs do to stop it?5. How will you fracture the story? Explain if you will: We will start with our fractured fairy tale withCinderella then put the three little pigs into it.a) use a different characters point of view) add a modern setting to the story) continue a Fairy Tale from whereit finished) write The Real Story of..........e) add an unexpected twist to the story
  8. 8. Story planner We had to plan our !actured fairytale this is ours.
  10. 10. Fractured fairytales Paragraph one: Clean the drapes, vacuum the floor, clean the windows. Gees is there anything I get out of here I mean I live with the three little pigs. Yes they are the pigs from the story but they changed it a little bit, the wolf didn’t actually die he go out of there and hasn’t been seen since. Oh by the way I’m Cinderella but everyone calls me Cindy, for short. Truth be told the pigs aren’t that bad I mean they took me in when no one else would, but they also aren’t little in size. “CINDY” Missy Piggy yells “COME HERE”. Gees patience is not a virtue for her is it now. Slowly making my way up the stairs covered in purple silk that had to be changed weekly. Opening the big black doors I step inside to the rosy pink room with with a red bed planted in the middle of the room. If you hadn’t noticed she has a thing for colour and when I say colour I mean bright colour, it hurts to look being a more subtle person myself. “Cindy dear you must swear to me that you will not go to the ball tonight” says Missy Piggy.“But you and the other men are going, why can’t I?” I answer dread seeping into my bones,I had been waiting for this for a long time. To finally meet the prince.“The wolf will be there, so you must not meet him ever!!!!”“But I thought you said you hadn’t seen him since that terrible night that he got away.”“Yes that is true but we have spies and they tell us that he is going to be there tonightand we plan to finish this tonight, we can’t live in fear anymore.”“I can’t let you go alone, can I help?”“No,no,no,no it’s to dangerous you must stay here we will come back.”
  11. 11. Fractured fairytale continued Paragraph two:So I am forbidden to go to the ball tonight well that is depressing I hate it when peopleor pigs destroy, my schedule like that. After Missy Piggy told me I fled to my room cryingand that’s when the fairy appeared. I know what your thinking a fairy right you have to bekidding me, but no I’m not it’s all true. Apparently fairies aren’t all sweat and kind andpretty, well not this one anyone. I for one like that stereotype better but my fairygodmother is snappy old not in the kind grandmotherly way, it’s the kind that you pretendto like for your mothers sake. “You have three wishes choose carefully it can’t take itback.” She says in a raspy voice that sounded like she had been smoking half her life.“Hurry up I don’t have all day.” She says sounding really bored.My three wishes were:1. For the pigs to be safe from the wolf.2. To make it to the ball in time and to most dance all night.3. To have the most beautiful dress, shoes, hair and makeup at the ball.I thought I choose really well if I may say so myself.
  12. 12. Fractured fairytale continued Paragraph three:By the time the Piggys were long gone the carriage arrived and I was wearing the most beautifuldress in the world, and looking prettier then ever before. My dress was made out the finest silkit was snow white with lots of folds without looking like a meringue, just brushing the floor.Peeking out from underneath it, was the most beautiful glass slippers, like a hundred tear dropput together as two high healed shoes with tiny heart shaped diamonds placed around the rim. Mygolden hair hang in ringlets down my back. Not trying to sound vain but I looked beautiful.Hoping into the horse drown carriage , I settle into the comfy flush chairs. The ride was oververy quickly and when I stepped into the ball room all eyes were on me even the princes. He cameforward and asked me to dance I was so happy that I almost started jumping. We danced most of thenight and I didn’t even notice when the piggys came in and saw me, at first I don’t think theynew who I was. Sadly they figured it out and came storming towards me, anger in there eyes was soharsh I cringed away from them. Oddly enough the prince push me behind him shielding me fromthem. “CINDY!!! COME HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!” Screams Missy Piggy practically frothing at the mouth. Ididn’t know how scary she could be, well now I know and trust me when I say this you should beglad you weren’t here. Through I think that when the prince shielded me made them you even redderif at all possible. When I didn’t move Biggy Piggy her brother hissed “Cindy get away from thewolf you are standing right next to him.” That was odd the only person standing next to me wasthe prince and he did not look like a wolf. “No he’s the prince not the wolf that tried to killyou, are you certain those glasses work.” I jock letting a nervous laugh out, but stopping when Isaw their faces. Burt the princes face was a look of confusion, Missy Piggy was anger, BiggyPiggy was examining his glasses and Figgy Piggy was looking scared.
  13. 13. Fractured fairytale continued Paragraph four:The prince opened his mouth and said “You know those traitors?” He spat out like somethingtasted bad. “Yea they adopted me, you know them?”“Yes, so it’s true that they went and told everyone that I’m a wolf and tried to killthem.” He answers bitterly steep more in front of me so I had to look over his shoulder tosee what was going on. “When what really happened was that I was sent to collect yourunpaid fines on your three house and if I couldnt then to knock them down, so they madeup that entire story. Because they didn’t want people to know they spent it all on a fivecoarse meal in New York and brought a jet to get there and back.“ So they made it into a huge thing got lots of money and a daughter, e things and hid inplan sight.” By now the pigs were looking sick, not liking that what they heard. “Men takethem to the prisons!” He says with a flick of his wrist. “Cinds you have to believe us wethought we were doing the right thing.” Pleads Missy Piggy eyes going wide. “If you hadntspent all you money on a five coarse meal in New York and brought a jet to go there andback just to pig out, then maybe you wouldn’t be there.”“Cinds just be happy OK and remember that we love you very much.”“I’ll see you soon” I answer somberly before they are dragged of to the dungeons.A couple of hours later Burt came over to see me “hey Cindy are you ok?”“Yes it’ll be ok later.”“I wanted to ask you something but it’s ok if you want to wait and think about it. Well Iwas wondering if you would be my queen and marry me?”“Yes I guess I can do that be your queen and marry you.” I say now we have both smiling.
  14. 14. The endHope you enjoyed....