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Oils & Oilseeds Catalog

  1. 1. Organic Oils & Oilseeds Catalog
  2. 2. Fairtrasa exports over 50 products from small family farms around the world to Europe and North America. In 2004, we pioneered the sale of the first fair trade & organic avocados from Mexico. Since then, we have partnered with producers in Mexico, Argentina, Peru, and Southeast Asia to scale up our fair trade and organic portfolio to include: wine, tropical fresh fruit, dried fruit, grains, herbs & spices, oilseeds, nuts, fruit juices, pulps, chutneys, hot beverages, and confectionary ingredients. Fairtrasa links marginalized producers with conscientious import markets. We foster micro-entrepreneur development by connecting farmers with improved infrastructure, financing, agricultural support, and market knowledge. We have created a sustainable empowerment model for marginalized growers that use organic and fair trade systems to overcome poverty, protect the environment and promote social development. Fair trade premiums generated from sales have built schools, supply remote villages with water, repair unsurpassable roads, preserve cultural traditions, and fund medical needs. Purchasing a Fairtrasa product is a direct contribution to environmental stewardship, uplifting struggling communities and empowering small farmers. Join us in our effort to achieve a market-driven paradigm shift. Exercise your power as a consumer to create a more sustainable and equitable food system.
  3. 3. ® Organic Oils & Oilseeds Catalog Fairtrasa draws up on our five years of experience as a certified Organic and Fair Trade exporter to deliver primer sourcing services. We purchase directly from small producer groups to ensure quality control, certification complicance and traceability. Inside this catalog, you will find the following: Organic Amaranth Organic Mustard Seed Organic Coconut Oil Organic Psyllium Organic Flax Seed Organic Sesame Seed Lime Oils Organic Sunflower Seed Please visit www.fairtrasa.com or contact Patrick Strüebi for more details: Patrick.Struebi@Fairtrasa.com , Tel +052.452.527.2279
  4. 4. ORGANIC AMARANTH MOISTURE PURITY VARIETY CERTIFICATIONS PROCESSING EXPORT ORIGIN PACKAGING Organic, HACCP, Max February – 25, 50 or 1000 kg Gujarat Kosher Whole grain* 99.97% 10% March** India tote bag * Processing involves: drying, machine cleaning, grading and packing. Various sizing and quality options available to client. **All year round export available with pre-booking.
  5. 5. ORGANIC COCONUT OIL VARIETY CERTIFICATES PROCESSING EXPORT ORIGIN PACKAGING Palakkad, All year 210 kg asceptic Organic Oil * Kerala, India Kannur round drums** *Processing includes: organic coconut are dried and converted to copras, oil is then extracted through cold pressing. **Private labeling and custom packaging available upon client request.
  6. 6. ORGANIC FLAX SEED MOISTURE PURITY VOLITALE VARIETY CERTIFICATIONS PROCESSING EXPORT ORIGIN PACKAGING OIL Natural Utaranchas Organic, April – Uttarpradesh, 50 kg pp whole 99.95% 5.9% 40.5% (T397) HACCP, Kosher May** India bags seeds* *Processing includes: machine cleaning, sortex cleaning and packing. **Available all year round when pre-booked.
  7. 7. LIME OILS CERTIFICATES EVAPORATION PROCESSING REFRACTIVE ALDEHYDE ROTATION SPECIFIC OPTICAL GRAVITY EXPORT (CITRIC) INDEX VARIETY ORIGIN PACKAGING Expressed 35°- 0.872 - 1.482 - 4.2 - 10- Type “A” 41° 0.881 1.486 8% 14.5% HACCP, Expressed 0.873 - 1.480 - 5- 10- 35°- 45° 400 lb UN Mexican ISO Type “B” 0.885 1.488 10% 14.5% April – Tecoman, sealed iron Lime 9001- Sept. Mexico 0.855 - 1.474 - 0.05 - drum 2001 Distilled 34°- 47° - 0.863 1.477 2.5% 0.870 - 2.2 – 0- Essence 35°- 41° - 0.879 4% 3.5%
  8. 8. ORGANIC MUSTARD MOISTURE VOLATILE VARIETY CERTIFICATES PROCESSING PURITY EXPORT ORIGIN PACKAGING CONTENT OIL Black, Organic, Whole Seed October – Northern 50 or 25 kg Brown, HACCP, and 99% 10% max 35-40% December** India PP bags*** Yellow Kosher Ground* *Processing involves: machine cleaning, hulling, sortex cleaning, and packaging. Available natural or hulled. Will accomodate any client sizing request. **Sales available throughout the year if pre-booked. ***Private labeling and custom packaging available.
  9. 9. ORGANIC PSYLLIUM CERTIFICATIONS PROCESSING PACKAGING MOISTURE PROTEIN VARIETY EXPORT PURITY ORIGIN ASH 25 kg paper Organic, HACCP, Husk or 70% - 3% 12% 4% Various Kosher Powder* 99% max max max All Year India bags with plastic liners * Processing includes: machine cleaning, sortex cleaning, pulverizing (for the powder) and packing. Product sizing and grades based on client requests.
  10. 10. PROCESSING ORGANIC SESAME SEED VOLATILE OIL MOISTURE CONTENT PURITY ORIGIN F.F.A. VARIETY CERTIFICATIONS EXPORT PACKAGING White Organic, HACCP, Whole 40- 10% and Kosher Natural* 99.95% 1.5% 58% max Gujarat Black September – & Per client October*** Punjab, request Organic, HACCP, Whole 45- India White Kosher Hulled** 99.98% 0.2% 55% 3.36% *Natural processing includes: Auto-drying, machine cleaning, sortex cleaning, and packaging. **Hulled processing includes: soaking, hulling,drying, machine cleaning, sortex cleaning and packaging. ***Sales available throughout the year if pre-booked.
  11. 11. ORGANIC SUNFLOWER SEED MOISTURE EXPORT PURITY ORIGIN ASH VARIETY CERTIFICATIONS PROCESSING PACKAGING Organic, HACCP, April – Punjab, 50 or 25 kg paper Punjab Kosher Kernels* 99% < 0.1% Max 7% May India bag or PP bags *Processing includes: Auto-drying, machine cleaning, shelling, sortex cleaning, and packaging. Kernel sizing and grade based on client request.
  12. 12. Thank you for taking the time to peruse our Organic Oil & Oilseeds Catalog. If you have any questions or are interested in sourcing through Fairtrasa, please visit www.fairtrasa.com or reach out to our CEO, Patrick Strüebi: Patrick.Struebi@Fairtrasa.com , Tel +052.452.527.2279 If you would like to see more product offerings just ask. Our other catalogs include: Hot Beverage & Confectionary, Fresh Fruits, Spices, and Processed Fruit.