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school                   #6                         of 20TOOL                        COMPANION PLANTINGKIT                ...
school                   #6                         of 20TOOL                        COMPANION PLANTINGKIT                ...
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Companion Planting in Your School Yard - Australia


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Companion Planting in Your School Yard - Australia

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Companion Planting in Your School Yard - Australia

  1. 1. school #6 of 20TOOL COMPANION PLANTINGKIT in your school yard If you are considering an herb or vegetable garden, then consider companion planting as part of your project. ‘Companions’ are planted close together in the garden because they help each other out. This help may be in the form of pest control, pollination, improving growth and flavour, crop productivity and attracting beneficial insects. Companion planting also increases the biodiversity of your garden.AmaranthTropical annual, hosts ground beetles that keep Borage Plant with tomatoes, strawberries, or in fruitother pests down. Good for growing with corn. orchards to repel tomato worms. AddsAnise calcium, potassium and other minerals to the soil. Great for attracting honey bees and hundreds of other beneficial insects. MayAttracts predatory wasps which prey on aphids benefit nearby plants by increasing theirand may repel aphids. Improves growth of any resistance to pests and disease. Will self-seed.plants growing nearby.Basil Caraway If you have hard, compacted soil plant caraway REFERENCESRepels flying insects (like flies and mosquitoes) to help loosen it up. It attracts beneficial Companion Planting:if planted between tomato plants. insects. http://www.Also helpful with tomato hornworms and lowchensaustralia.asparagus beetles. Castor bean plant com/pests/plants.htm SustainableBay leaves Repels mosquitoes. Gardening Australia: http://www.Place fresh leaves in a container of beans orgrains to repel weevils and moths. Lay leavesaround your school yard to reduce Catnip Use around eggplant to repel flea beetles, invasion. aphids, Japanese beetles, squash bugs, ants,Beans weevils, mosquitoes and mice.Beans and peas enrich soil by adding nitrogen,a great natural fertiliser. Celery Use near cauliflower, tomatoes, leek, and Phone: 07 4724 3544Beet cabbage. Will repel white cabbage flies. DOWNLOAD OTHERBeet leaves contain magnesium. Mix them intoyour soil to improve plant growth. Plant with Chervil Will improve growth and flavour of radishes. TOOL KIT RESOURCES AT: and onions.1
  2. 2. school #6 of 20TOOL COMPANION PLANTINGKIT in your school yardChives Marigold to any homemade insecticide spray. Garlic cloves, placed in the ground around plants will deter slugs. Garlic is a naturalRepels many fruit tree and tomato pests. Plant near tomatoes, potatoes, pesticide against mosquito larvae. PlantIncreases growth and flavour of carrots. strawberries, beans, and roses to under peach trees to control leaf curl andCitriodora encourage growth. Repels many insects near roses to enhance scent. like Mexican bean beetles and harmfulRepels mosquitoes. Geranium nematodes.Citronella grass Repels cabbage worms and Japanese beetles. Plant around grapes, roses, corn, Mustard Known as a trap crop to attract manyPlant in pots to repel mosquitoes. and cabbage. Spray house and garden insect pests. Plant near cabbage, plants with geranium oil diluted in distilledClover water to discourage problem insects. cauliflower, radish, Brussels sprouts, collards, turnips and kohlrabi.Many types, each has qualities that benefitdifferent soil conditions. A good cover Horseradish Plant around potatoes to encourage Nasturtiumcrop to improve soil. Attracts beneficial Repels aphids, ants, cucumber beetles,insects. growth. May deter Colorado potato squash bugs, white flies and borers near beetles and blister beetles.CorianderPlant near all vegetables to repel aphids, Hyssop fruit trees. Cucumber and squash in particular will benefit. Acts as trap crop for aphids. Repels borers near fruit trees.slugs, snails, spider mites and attract bees. Will deter cabbage moths if planted near cabbage and grapes. May improve growthDill for these plants. REFERENCESPlant around cabbage. Will improvegrowth and flowers. Attracts bees. Leek Use near carrots, celery and onions. Companion Planting:Swallowtail butterfly caterpillars will eat http://www. Will improve plant growth and repeldill. Do not plant near carrots. lowchensaustralia. carrot flies. com/pests/plants.htmElderberryA general insecticide. Leaves encourage Lemon balm Sustainable Gardening Australia:compost fermentation. Sprinkle around squash plants to deter http://www. squash bugs. Rub the leaves on your aphids, slugs, snails, spider skin to repel mosquitoes. Plant it near beehives and orchards to attract pollinating bees.mites and mosquitoes. Attracts beneficialinsects but can inhibit growth of manyplants so plant away from your garden. Lemongrass (citronella) A good mosquito repellent.Garlic Lemon thyme Phone: 07 4724 3544 DOWNLOAD OTHERRepels ants, aphids, flea beetles, TOOL KIT RESOURCES AT:mosquitoes, ticks, onion flies, weevils, Plant in pots to repel mosquitoes., Japanese beetles and spider mites.Roses benefit from garlic since it repelsaphids. Crushed garlic is a good addition2
  3. 3. school #6 of 20TOOL COMPANION PLANTINGKIT in your school yardOnion oil or spraying oil along shelves and to deter aphids. Scatter fresh or dried entryways. Grow near roses to deter leaves around food to deter mice. Summer savoury aphids. Scatter fresh or dried leavesRepels cabbage moths, aphids, weevils, around food to deter mice.carrot flies, moles and mosquitoes.Controls rust flies and some nematodes.Protects tomatoes from red spiders. Mayalter growth of peas and beans. Plant Petunia Will improve growth of green beans and deter bean beetles. Thai lemon grass Pretty flowering plant that is alsonear beets, tomato, lettuce, strawberry, beneficial in controlling asparagus beetle,cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. leafhoppers, certain aphids, tomato worms (Cymbopogon citratus)Oregano and Mexican bean beetles. Effective mosquito repellent.Plant near broccoli. Repels cabbagebutterflies. Pyrethrum Repels most insects like aphids, Thyme Repels cabbage worms, flea beetles andPapaya leafhoppers, spider mites, ticks and cabbage worms. cabbage maggots.Deters stem borers in corn. Radish TomatoParsleyRepels carrot flies, rose and asparagus Plant around cucumbers to deter cucumber beetles. Protects roses from black spot if planted nearby.beetles. Plant near asparagus, carrots,tomatoes and roses. RosemaryPeanuts Repels cabbage moths, beetles, mosquitoes and slugs. Plant near beans, REFERENCES carrots and cabbage.Encourages the growth of cornand squash. Rue Companion Planting: http://www.PeasIf planted near corn, will provide extra Deters Japanese beetles. Plants near roses and raspberries but away from your lowchensaustralia. com/pests/plants.htm vegetable garden as most plants Sustainablenitrogen. Gardening Australia: dislike Rue. http://www.PennyroyalDeters ants, aphids, fleas, mosquitoes, Sage Good companion plant for broccoli,ticks, gnats, flies, chiggers and cabbage cauliflower, rosemary, cabbage andmaggots. Brussels sprouts, broccoli and carrots. Deters cabbage moth, beetles,cabbage will benefit from pennyroyal. carrot flies and ticks. Do not plant next toPeppermint cucumbers.(and other Mentha species)Repels ants, aphids, cabbage loopers, Soybeans Plant near corn. Adds nitrogen to the soil. Phone: 07 4724 3544 DOWNLOAD OTHER TOOL KIT RESOURCES AT:cabbage grubs, flies, cucumber beetles, Repels chinch bugs and Japanese beetles. beetles, squash bugs, whitefliesand mites. Ants dislike peppermint andyou can prevent them from entering by Spearmint Deters ants and aphids. Grow near rosesscenting cotton balls with peppermint3