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Companion Planting Guide - Healthkick, Australia


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Companion Planting Guide - Healthkick, Australia

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Companion Planting Guide - Healthkick, Australia

  1. 1. Companion Planting Guide Melanie White, HealthkickIf you plant: These are good companions: These are not:Asparagus Tomato, parsley, basil Potatoes Tomatoes (improves growth and flavour, repels flies andBasil mosquitoes), capsicum Potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, cauliflowers, cabbage,Beans Onions, garlic, fennel summer savoury, kohlrabi, lettuce, beetroot Tomatoes, runner/climbingBeetroot Kohlrabi, dwarf beans, onions, chives beans, lettuce, silverbeet, cabbage, mustard Tomatoes (attracts bees, deters tomato worm, improvesBorage growth and flavour), squash, strawberries Aromatic plants, sage, dill (attracts wasps to control cabbageBroccoli and Strawberries, tomatoes, moths), chamomile, beets, peppermint, rosemary, beans,cauliflowers oregano celery, onions, potatoes, celeryBrussel sprouts Potatoes, sage, hyssop, thyme Strawberries, rosemary Potatoes, celery, dill (attracts wasps to control cabbage Garlic, strawberries moths), chamomile (deters flies and mosquitoes), sage,Cabbages Red cabbages are foes of thyme, mint, pennyroyal, rosemary, lavender, beetroot, tomatoes onionsCapsicums Basil Peas, lettuce, chives, onions (onions repel carrot flies, and Dill in flower, parsnips, chives,Carrots carrots repel onion flies), leeks, tomatoes sage, rosemary, radishesCelery and Chives, leeks, tomatoes, bush beans, cabbage, brassicas Parsnips, potatoes, wheatceleriacChervil Radishes (improves growth and flavour) Potatoes, peas, beans, cucumbers, pumpkin, squash (acts as a trellis for climbing peas and beans, which in turn attractCorn predators of corn pests), melons, potatoes, parsnips, artichokes Potatoes, sage, cauliflower,Cucumbers Beans, corn, peas, radishes, sunflowers, celery, carrots basilDill Cabbage (improves growth and health), carrots, brassicasEggplant Beans, potato, marjoram Chives (discourage insects from climbing fruit tree trunk,Fruit trees prevents apple scab on apple trees, deters aphids and black spot on vegetables and roses), horseradish Roses, raspberries, herbs (enhances production of essentialGarlic Peas and beans oils, repels cabbage butterflies)Horseradish Potatoes (horseradish deters potato beetle), fruit trees
  2. 2. If you plant: These are good companions: These are not:Hyssop Cabbage (deters cabbage moths), grapes RadishesKohlrabi Beetroot, onions, dwarf beans Tomatoes, cucumbersLeeks Onions, celery, celeriac, carrot, strawberries Parsley, beans, beetroot,Lettuce Strawberries, cabbage, carrots, onions parsnip Keeps soil nematode-free, discourages many insects, repelsMarigold white flies from tomatoesMelon RadishMint Cabbage family (deters cabbage moths), tomatoesNasturtium Deters aphids and pests of cucumber family Beetroot, strawberries, tomato, lettuce (protects against Potatoes, beans, peas,Onions slugs), beans (protects against ants), summer savoury, parsnip, parsley, leeks chamomile (deters flies and mosquitoes), cabbageParsley Tomato, asparagus (improves growth) Squash (follow up the pea trellis), almost any vegetables Onions, garlic, potatoes,Peas (captures soil nitrogen) shallotsPetunia Beans Horseradish, beans, corn, cabbage, marigold, eggplant (trap Pumpkins, squash,Potatoes crop for potato beetle), sweet alyssum (attracts beneficial cucumbers, dill, sunflowers, wasps) tomatoes, raspberryPumpkins Corn, marjoram Potatoes Peas, spinach, nasturtium, lettuce, melons, cucumbersRadishes (general insect repellent, and attracts leaf miners away from Hyssop, squash, peas spinach) Carrots, beans, cabbage, sage (deters cabbage moths, beanRosemary beetles and carrot flies) Rosemary, carrots, cabbage, peas, beans (deters someSage insects)Spinach Strawberries, fruit trees, broad beansSquash Nasturtium, cornStrawberry Bush beans, spinach, borage, lettuce CabbagesSunflower Cucumber Potatoes Kohlrabi, potatoes, fennel, red Asparagus, chives, onion, lettuce, cabbage, parsley, cabbages, beetroot, broccoli,Tomatoes asparagus, marigold, nasturtium, carrots, lima beans, peas, brussel sprouts, cauliflowers, basil rosemary, dill, parsnipTurnips Peas, nasturtium, lettuce, cucumbersZucchinis Corn, marjoram, nasturtium Download this from our website! more information, contact Melanie White 0414 639 754 or