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Custom Features to Incorporate into Your Shed Design


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Custom Features to Incorporate into Your Shed Design

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Custom Features to Incorporate into Your Shed Design

  1. 1. Custom Features to Incorporate into Your Shed Design
  2. 2. Whether you plan to use your backyard as a storage space, workshop, or fitness centre, there are many custom features you can incorporate into your shed design to make it truly one-of-a- kind. Check out some great features that can help boost the comfort, safety and aesthetics of your shed. Custom Features to Incorporate into Your Shed Design
  3. 3. Insulating the walls and ceiling of your shed with a quality insulation product will help maintain a comfortable environment and protect the belongings stored inside from damage from moisture and excessively warm or cold temperatures. Insulation
  4. 4. Wiring your shed for electricity allows you to utilise the space before and after dark. Especially if you'll be using your shed as a workspace or workshop, electricity enables you to add lighting and electrical outlets for plugging in a fan, computer or any other equipment you may need. Electricity
  5. 5. If you want to utilise natural light, incorporate multiple large windows into your custom shed design. Especially if your shed will be used as a hobby space or place for relaxation, having ample natural light and a clear view of the outdoors will create the perfect atmosphere. Windows
  6. 6. Improve the aesthetics of your shed by installing shutters on the windows. Using shutters that are similar to those on your house will help tie the shed into the rest of the home. Add beautiful flower boxes to spruce up the design even further. Shutters
  7. 7. Installing a cupola on the roof of your shed is a simple and inexpensive way to add style and curb appeal. Cupolas are available in a variety of designs and finishes to suit your design scheme. Cupoula
  8. 8. To learn more about great custom designs for sheds, visit or call 1800-786-878. As Australia's leading provider of custom sheds, we can help you design a shed that perfectly satisfies your requirements and specifications.