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History and Importance of Ahadith

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History and Importance of Ahadith

  1. 1. HISTORY AND IMPORTANCE OF HADITHMEANINGS OF HADITHPART1:HISTORY OF COMPILATION OF HADITH• 1-During Holy Prophet(S.A.W)’s Lifetime• 2-During the time of Companions• 3-During the time of the “Followers of the Companions”• 4-During the time of the “Followers of the Followers”• 5-Precautions taken in the compilation of AhadithPART2:IMPORTANCE OF HADITH
  2. 2. •The word “Hadith” is derived from “Tahdith” which means to inform •The “Hadith” are the sayings of the Holy Prophet(s.a.w),his actions andapproval of the actions of others by him
  3. 3. •As Prophet(s.a.w) was alive muslims(with an exceptionof some companions) didn’t felt the need to write downahadith and muslims directly approached Prophet(s.a.w)to solve their matters.•Prominent Compilations: Musnad by Aeisha(r.a),musnadby Abu Bakr(r.a),Collection of Ali(r.a) etc.
  4. 4. • Islam was widely spread and new converts wanted to hear about Prophet(s.a.w) from close companions who had now spread wide and far in all parts of empire• Cailph Umar bin Abdul aziz wrote to governor of madina to write down all traditions of Holy Prophet(s.a.w)• Prominent compilations: Works of Shihab-al-zuheri , Collection of Abu Bakr Al-Hazim
  5. 5. • Hanafi and Maliki schools of legal thought were formulated during this period in the light of ahadith• Prominent Compilations: Al-Muwatta By Imam Malik , Al-Maghazi by Waqidi,etc.
  6. 6. • Six most authentic books of traditions were compiled:1. Sahih Bukhari2. Sahih Muslim3. Sunan of Abu-Daud4. Sunan of Ibn-e-Maja5. Sunan of Nisai6. Jami Tirmidhi
  7. 7. • Must be un-interrupt• Must not be broken• Must go back to Holy Prophet(s.a.w)• Narrators should have actually met each other• Narrators must not be liars• Narrators should have sharp memory• Narrators must be pious and possess good character
  8. 8. PRECAUTIONS TAKEN IN THE COMPILATION OF AHADITH MATAN (TEXT)• Must be in a pure arabic style• Must not be in contradiction to historical facts and common sense• Must not be against Islam , Quran or any other authentic hadith• Must not abuse the family of Holy Prophet(s.a.w)
  9. 9. •Primary source of Islamic law after Quran•Used together with Quran in derivation of Islamiclaw•Explains matters in which Quran remained silentor a detailed description was not givene.g. Performance of salah , Rate of Zakat

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