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Why Languages Do Matter


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This is a slideshow made to help YMEX members in the completion of the International Year of Languages Quest, and to give a -hint- to any interested soul out there on why languages are important in politics and everyday life.

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Why Languages Do Matter

  1. 1. WHY LANGUAGES -DO- MATTER 2008 - International Year of Languages by Mariel GM (FaerieGirl) for
  2. 2. Index for you to know what this is about Disclaimer (slides 3-4) Language 101, Language 201 and Language for experts Opportunities languages give to people The reason why 2008 is the International Year of Languages Dilemmas!!! References Reminder
  3. 3. Disclaimer This slideshow was created for the use of members who are taking part in the International Year of Languages Quest or who simply want to know why languages are important enough to be the subject of an quest... or why they are just important. This slideshow may be shared, as stated by the Creative Commons license it is under (attribution, non- commercial, share-alike), with any individual or community as long as it is not done with commercial purposes and the maker is credited.