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Elements of a Story


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Elements of a Story

  1. 1. Elements of a Story
  2. 2. Elements of a story • Setting • Characters • Complication/ Problem • Details/ events • Resolution
  3. 3. Setting • When or where the story takes place Eg. in the kitchen, in the canteen, in the forest, at the park
  4. 4. Characters • People • Animals • Develop character • Physical characteristics – what they look like • Personal/ Emotional characteristics – how they speaks, thinks and acts
  5. 5. Complication/ Problem • External – Man versus man • Internal – Man versus himself
  6. 6. Details/ Events • Includes all the information that the reader needs to know in order to identify the problem and its resolution.
  7. 7. Resolution • This is the ending of your story. It is how the main problem is resolved and all the other ‘loose ends’ are explained. Your ending does not always have to be a happy ending either.
  8. 8. Resources for teachers Video – Elements of a Story Video 1 – Elements of a Story Video 3 – Flipped Classroom on elements of a story