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Hyperion Essbase Course Curriculum


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Hyperion Essbase Course Curriculum followed at Faculties Online

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Hyperion Essbase Course Curriculum

  1. 1. Faculties OnlineHYPERION ESSBASE Course CurriculumData ware housing overview: Multidimensional overview  OLAP vs., OTLP  Hyperion Project life cycle  Business Intelligence  Comparison between different data warehousing toolsEssbase 9.X  Understanding multidimensional databases  OLAP and Multidimensional databases  Dimensions ad Members o Data Storage  Essbase Architecture  Designing of Application and Database o Identifying business and user requirement, including security o Identifying source data and determining the scope of the essbase o Identifying Members o Member Properties (Storage & Consolidation) o Defining slandered dimensions and defining spare and dense dimensions o Defining attribute dimensions o Defining calculation needed for outline dimensions and members  Estimating the size of essbase database  Creating Applications and Databases o Creating Applications and databases o Creating and Changing Database outline o Creating UDA’s o Creating Shared Members o Two-pass calculations o Creating and working with Duplicate members outline o Assigning alias names to your members o Slandered dimensions and member Properties o Working with Attributes  Linking Objects to essbase data.Data loading and Dimension building Faculties Online Educational Services Pvt Limited Tel: +1 516 515 3411(USA): +91 40 6464 3009 (INDIA)
  2. 2.  Understanding Data load and Dimension Building.  Creating Rules Files.  Using a rules file to perform Operations on Records, Fields, and data.  Performing and Debugging Data Loads or Dimension Builds  Understanding Advanced Dimension Building concepts.  Loading data using Free-form  Loading data with a rules file. o Loading by generation. o Loading Parent- Child. o Loading by level  Calculating database.(Calculations scripts) o Developing Formulas. o Reviewing examples of formulas. o Defining calculation order. o Understanding Intelligence calculation. o Dynamically calculating data values. o Calculating Time series data. o Developing calculation scripts o Reviewing examples of Calculation scripts.  Creating reports using report script. o Understanding Reports Basics. o Developing reports scripts.  Difference between MAXL and ESSCMD.  Automate routine operations by Maxl or ESSCMD.  Designing security for Essbase database. o User Management and security. o Creating users and groups. o Assigning users under groups. o Security Permissions. o Controlling Access. o Creating Filters. o Assigning Filers to Users.Project: - Hyperion Essbase project with live data. Hyperion Essbase Spreadsheet Add-inGetting acquainted with spreadsheet Add-in.  Adding Spreadsheet Add-in  Starting Spreadsheet add-in  Installing the Essbase Toolbar for Excel.  Using the Essbase toolbar. Faculties Online Educational Services Pvt Limited Tel: +1 516 515 3411(USA): +91 40 6464 3009 (INDIA)
  3. 3.  Setting Essbaseoptions. Retrieving Data  Connecting to the database.  Changing the Password  Retrieving data from a Database.  Canceling data Retrieval Request.  Restoring Previous data database view.  Drilling down to more Details.  Drilling up to less Detail.  Customizing Drill-Down and Drill-Up behaviors.Pivoting, Retaining, and Suppressing Data  Pivoting Rows and columns.  Retraining a data subset  Removing a Data Subset.  Navigating Through the worksheet without retrieving data  Suppressing missing values, Zero Values and underscore charactersFormatting the Worksheet:  Formatting Text and Cells.  Displacing Alias for member names.  Displacing both member names and Aliases.  Reputing Member Labels.Selecting Members  Selecting Members.  Finding Members.Using Linked Reporting Objects  Linking a file to data cell.  Linking a Cell note to a Data cell.  Linking a URL to a data cell.  Assessing and editing LRO.Connecting To Multiple Databases  Ways to view Active Database Connections.  Ways to access Linked Partitions Faculties Online Educational Services Pvt Limited Tel: +1 516 515 3411(USA): +91 40 6464 3009 (INDIA)
  4. 4. Hyperion Essbase Projects (Discussions)  Hyperion Essbase support project activities (Real time scenarios)  Essbase administration in Windows  Hyperion Essbase Development project activities (Real time scenarios) Faculties Online Educational Services Pvt Limited Tel: +1 516 515 3411(USA): +91 40 6464 3009 (INDIA)