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What is Invoice Factoring?


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Invoice Factoring is a financial solution and service that helps a multitude of businesses. It purchases a company's unpaid invoices and exchanges it them for a cash advance. This allows companies to grow financially and meet their expenses and objectives without creating debt. Factoring your invoices can be the solution your company needs today. We have a simple and short application process and work with a variety of companies. Contact us today to request a quote here:

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What is Invoice Factoring?

  2. 2. WHEN YOURCOMPANY NEEDSCA$H... creates financial solutionsInvoice Factoring when times are tough... Slow Paying Customers~ When your clients can pay on slow terms that force your company to wait extended periods for money it needs now. Economic Downturn~ When fluctuations in the economy can make it difficult to purchase supplies & retain customers Financial Struggles~ When your business is in different stages of its life-cycle & experiences hardship
  3. 3. Business FinancingOptions common business financing Here are some options companies choose. These types of business lending don’t always benefit business owners. Bank Loans Charge high interest rates Bases loans on credit & performance Provide no extra services Business Credit Cards Carry strict terms Payment due dates & penalties Can be linked to owner’s personal credit score
  4. 4. Invoice Factoring: The AlternativeFactoring on the other hand... Carries low, affordable rates Focuses on customer’s credit (not the company’s credit) Provides additional services including account management, back office support, industry expertise & more. 2 Invoice Factoring Options: Recourse Factoring- A lower rate option where you are responsible for paying the factor if your customer fails to pay. Non-Recourse Factoring- The factoring company assumes all risk - even if the invoice isn’t paid. Non- recourse factoring often comes with higher rates.
  5. 5. What is InvoiceFactoring?Invoice factoring is the process by which yourcompany sells its unpaid invoices to a factoringcompany. Once the factor receives yourinvoices, they advance you a high percentageof the invoice amount for a small fee. Yourcustomer then pays their bill through thefactoring company. Once the invoice is fullypaid, you receive the remainder of the invoiceamount.
  6. 6. The Advantage of Factoring alternativeFactoring your invoices is a favorableto credit cards and bank loans. It quickly putscash into your company’s hands and comesalong with some extra benefits: Immediate funding in hand Free of strict terms Stabilizes cash flow Use money however you see fit (cover expenses, make purchases, etc.) No time wasted pursuing customers for payments Gives flexibility from industry to industry No limits or restrictions on cash
  7. 7. Is Invoice Factoring Right foryou?Whether your business just launched or youhave years of experience, Factor Finders canservice small and large companies across amultitude of industries Healthcare Factoring Trucking Factoring Staffing Factoring Construction Factoring Manufacturing Factoring Distribution Factoring
  8. 8. The Factoring ProcessHow can you begin to factor invoices? Well, ourfactoring process is faster & easier than whatyou see with other business funding methods:1) Complete our application, which can be found here: Submit a customer list3) Submit an accounts receivable aging report4) Submit your Articles of Incorporation5) And lastly, submit your invoices
  9. 9. GET CASH NOW!!!Contact us today to begin at 1-855-FACTOR-1or request a quote at our site at Follow us at:Twitter:
  10. 10. GET CASH NOW!!!Contact us today to begin at 1-855-FACTOR-1or request a quote at our site at Follow us at:Twitter: