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Finding Funders Using the Foundation Directory Online presentation by Ann Gladwin - NEW

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Webography Handout

  1. 1. GRANTSEEKING SELECTED WEB RESOURCES Make ResourceConnect your first stop for all your information needs. Finding sources of funding allows organizations to electronically find and apply for competitive grant opportunities from all Federal grant-making agencies. is THE single access point for over 900 grant programs offered by the 26 Federal grant- making agencies. Submit applications online! The Foundation Directory Online is the definitive database of foundations and corporate giving programs. It is available at the Foundation Center’s cooperating collection libraries and at the Nonprofit Resource Center at NEW. Call the Resource Center at 734-998-0160 ext. 218 to make an appointment to use this subscription database that can give you a targeted list of grantmakers likely to support your mission. You can take a tutorial on the use of the Foundation Directory Online, too. The Foundation Center is a comprehensive source for information on foundations. Subscribe to free email newsletters Philanthropy News Digest and RFP Bulletin, and/or search back issues online. Enter the name of any foundation in “Foundation Finder” to get access to 990 tax information forms (section XV lists all grants made in that fiscal year). Jon Harrison, a Michigan State University Librarian, maintains an up-to-date website on grants and how to find them. This is a great place to start, with further links. Get background on eligibility and find donors by topic. The Chronicle of Philanthropy Guide to Grants available with a subscription. Corporate grantmakers section. Their Nonprofit Handbook is a valuable reference guide (available online to subscribers only). ResourceConnect®, a program of NEW October 2008 1100 N. Main St. Ann Arbor, MI 48104 Ph. 734-998-0160 ext. 218 s/rc/fundraising/grantwriting/webographygrantseeker10-08
  2. 2. Help with proposal writing NEW’s ResourceConnect pages . Look under Resource Database, then “fundingraising” to find service providers, websites and book titles. Council of Michigan Foundations. See “grantseekers” in left column. Download “Information for Seeking Corporate and Foundation Grants,“ which includes the common grant application form. The Foundation Center can help you find funders and gain knowledge. Check out their Proposal Writing Short Course Free Management Library covers many topics including “Nonprofit Fundraising and Grantwriting.” A site with free information, bookstore, training, services. Offers an online course on grantwriting, an “interactive educational journey” for $300. Guidestar “The Donor's Guide to the Nonprofit Universe.” A searchable database of more than 850,000 nonprofit organizations in the United States, including foundations. Complete IRS 990 forms available to download. Be sure your organization has a profile here. Register for free to reach more information. Central Michigan University’s “Proposal Writer’s Handbook” may be downloaded free. Includes “Grant Proposal Self-Assessment Tool.” The Grantsmanship Center sells sample proposals; CD by subject $99; customized CDs for $29 for first proposal, $20 for each additional. All 600 proposal abstracts may be browsed. Nonprofits and Data: Using Data to Support Grant Applications and Other Funding Opportunities by the Johnson Center. Available via MNA's website. (pdf) Find more resources on grantseeking and all aspects of nonprofit management at ResourceConnect -2-