Esomar Insight 2011 - Shopper 360


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Beth and Philip presented Shopper 360 - how online community research can help brands keep their finger on the pulse of shoppers' decision-making at the Esomar Insight 2011 conference in Brussels.

The presentation focuses on how we used our market research online community to understand people's in store behaviour. Using a variety of tasks from mobile to video diaries, we were able to gain insight into consumer relationships with brands.

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Esomar Insight 2011 - Shopper 360

  1. 1. Shopper 360how online community research canhelp brands keep their finger on thepulse of shoppers’ decision-makingBeth Corte-Real, Coca-Cola NWENPhilip McNaughton, Face
  2. 2. One of the most loved and enduring brands.
  3. 3. But what is brand love REALLY worth? Price and discounting dominant at shelf.Crowded, competitive and diverse.
  4. 4. Understanding shopper behavior absolutely crucial.Market-place execution more important than ever.
  5. 5. Complicated and varied set of environments.
  6. 6. Other specific category and brand challenges.Huge shopper Bundled with other Low universe. purchases. involvement purchase.
  7. 7. Complexity & blurring between shopper /consumer.Crucial to understand people as shoppers, consumers and often providers.
  8. 8. Variety of projects between 2008 - 2010.Older teens. Young Adults. Mums and Dads. Large scale qualitative: hundreds of participants.
  9. 9. Online communities and user-generated research.How can online be used to tackle something asreal time and real world as shopper behaviour?
  10. 10. Bringing 1000s of shopper experiences directly to us. While we as “researchers” get out of the way.
  11. 11. Using a variety of tools.shopper self-ethnography community tasks online focus groups real time mobile phone shopping list vs. till status updates receipt shopping diaries
  12. 12. 5 key challenges.Challenge 1: Immediacy, impulse and how to capture real time behaviour.Challenge 2: Understanding the gap between intention and reality.Challenge 3: Getting access to shopper behaviour 24/7.Challenge 4: Understanding the gap between claimed and real behaviour.Challenge 5: Being able to follow their lead rather than leading them.
  13. 13. Stories from the front-line of shopper behaviour. 1000s of mobile status updates from wherever people were shopping. Perfect for understanding behaviour in low- consideration impulse channels.
  14. 14. Shopper behaviour doesn’t go in straight lines. vs. Shopping list vs. till receipt Video diaries showed us analysis showed that soft how much purchasingdrinks were relatively planned changed in convenience in grocery. retail.
  15. 15. Video diaries give us unmediated access to shopper behaviour 24 hours a day.Older teens on the Young adults on a Mums get through the way home from 2am visit to a giant drinks aisle as quickly school. supermarket. as possible.
  16. 16. Consumer re-reviews of their own behaviour. Ongoing shopper diaries and self- review of behaviour. Seeing the variety = brands work together.
  17. 17. Working over time with the same group of people.Build to a big picture of real behavior not snapshot.
  18. 18. Integrating consumer and shopper research. +Helping understand how relationships with brands influences behaviour in store and vice versa.
  19. 19. It’s about stepping out of the way.Allowing 100s of consumers to bring us 1000s ofshopper experiences – without us even having to be there.And working with people over an extended period of time to build relationship and see pattern.
  20. 20. 5 key things we learned along the way. Online a vital research tool when so much shopper behaviour is influenced and increasingly transacted online.Its not about online in its own right but interacting with people over an extended period of time. Vitally allows people chance to reflect on and review their own behaviour. Its about being respectful to participants and not invading their time and space.Online allows a transparent tool open to all stakeholders and stops people being bogged down in a shopper only / consumer only mentality.
  21. 21. Thank You