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State Bicycle - SMB Success Study

The bicycle company drives close to $500,000 in incremental sales annually through promotion codes and traffic generated exclusively from Facebook.

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State Bicycle - SMB Success Study

  1. 1. Case Study | ROI/Sales Results • $500,000 in annual incremental sales comes from coupon codes and traffic exclusive from Facebook • 12% of traffic to the State Bicycle Co. website came from Facebook The bicycle company drives close to $500,000 in • 1/5th cost per click on Facebook compared to other advertis- incremental sales annually through promotion codes ing platforms and traffic generated exclusively from Facebook. • 10x growth in fan base, from 4,600 to 46,000-plus within 12 months Goals Arizona-based bicycle manufacturer State Bicycle Co. wanted to “Facebook has been critical, and has allowed State use Facebook to familiarize people with its brand and vision to: Bicycle Co. to have an open dialogue with our cus- • Increase fan engagement when communicating product tomers and potential customers.” releases and upcoming events Mehdi Farsi, Co-Founder, State Bicycle Co. • Drive Facebook fans to purchase directly from its e-commerce site Approach Build To familiarize people with its company, State Bicycle Co. firstConnect created a Page:Engage • Updated its profile picture with company’s logo and cover photo featuring an image of one of its new fixed-gear bikes Reach • Added milestones to Page to define key moments, such asInfluence Build “State Bicycle Co. wins Wolfpack Marathon Crash Race.”Connect The company also ran Facebook Ads to drive likes:Engage • To see if people interested in music would purchase bikes, Build Reach tested Broad Category targeting, including “Arcade Fire,” “M83,” and “Passion Pit” and specific Likes and InterestsInfluence focusing on rival brands, such as “big shot bikes,” “mission bicycle” and general keywords “fixies,” “track bikes”, etc. Build • Targeted people living in cities with ads promoting specific events such as a bike ride in Austin, TexasConnect ConnectEngage State Bicycle Co. wanted to increase engagement on its Page Reach in several ways, including:Influence • Hosting frequent photo contests on its Page (e.g., winner of the photo of the most beat-up bike got a new bike) Build • Running “Facebook Friday,” which includes a discount coupon specifically for fans who see State Bicycle Co.’s Engage InfluenceConnect posts on FridaysEngage • Encouraging fans to like posts to see a sneak peak of new Reach productsInfluence State Bicycle Co. ran sponsored stories to reach more people and drive more awareness of its brand: State Bicycle Co. is a bike manufacturer that specializes in top-quality, limited edition, fixed-gear, single-speed and track • Used a sponsored story to increase the distribution of a bicycles. Page post by featuring an image of a Black Friday poster with deals on State Bicycle Co. items statebicycle Facebook: Building Essential Connections