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Promoted Page Likes


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Promoted Page LIkes are a simple way to get more likes and expand your audience.

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Promoted Page Likes

  1. 1. Promoted Page Likes
  2. 2. Promoted Page Likes | page 1PromotedPageLikesIntroducingPromotedPageLikesGenerating interest in your brand is essential forgrowth. With a Promoted Page Likes ad, you canquickly and easily attract new potential customersto your Page. Simply set a daily budget for your ad,target your desired audience and promote yourPage. Once you’ve finished, people will start seeingyour ads on desktop and mobile with a link thatencourages them to like your Page.Benefits:More ExposureReach a larger targetedaudience.MoreTrafficAttractmoredailyvisitorstoyourPage.More InterestGenerate more customerconversations andinteractions.The Promoted Page Likes button is located on the admin panel of your business’ page.Asimplewaytogetmorelikesandexpandyouraudience.
  3. 3. Promoted Page Likes | page 2How to Create an AdChoose Your Daily Budget:Select your budget based on estimated likesyour Page can get each day.Target Your Ads:Reach people located near your business bycity, state or country.Promote Your Page:Review your ad and share it withyour audience.112233261 people like this.Food & GrocerySponsoredCustomers will see your Ads inNews Feed or on the right side ofFacebook. These ads may appear onmobile or desktop and will run untilyou stop your promotion.Jasper’s Market261 people like this.Food & GrocerySponsored261 people like this.Food & GrocerySponsoredJasper’s MarketSponsoredJasper’s Market261 people like this.Food & GrocerySponsoredLearn More:Go to: to learn more and get startedVisit the Help Center: sure your Page is complete before launching yourPromoted Page Likes ad. The image in your ad isautomatically pulled from your profile picture.