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Kaya - APAC local success story


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Kaya - APAC local success story

  1. 1. Case Study | IN Results • 20% of all sales is attributable to Facebook • 22% of website traffic originates from Facebook • Offer posted on Page generated revenue of INR 8L in 6 days • Conversions from Facebook are 40% higher than from other lead sources “When we added Facebook to our digital 20% of revenue for skin clinic comes marketing mix, it became the best from Facebook performing traffic source for us. Not only Goals is the cost per click affordable, the cost per Ultraviolet Digital worked with Kaya Skin Clinic to use acquisition has been phenomenal. “ Facebook to: • Drive awareness of physical stores Gautamm Mehra Founder and COO • Generate walk-ins at clinics Ultraviolet Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Approach Build Kaya Skin Clinic built its Facebook Page to: Build EngageConnect • Give customers and prospects complete details on the clinics, including location and available packagesEngage Reach • Allow users to book appointments online BuildInfluence Connect The company ran Facebook Ads to reach users who would be interested in its services.Engage • Age and gender targeting were used to narrow down Reach prospectsInfluence Build • Videos were posted on the Page, and Page post ads (ads based on these posts) were createdConnectEngage Kaya Skin Clinic engaged with their fans by: Reach • Using a mix of updates, videos,Influence pictures, questions and polls Build • Maintaining a good balance of posts about the brand and the overall categoryConnect • Pinning and highlighting important postsEngage • Replying to fans’ questions about the service Connect Influence ReachInfluence In matters of skin care, users trust their friends’ Kaya SkinClinic has 82 clinics spread across 26 cities in India, 19 in recommendations first. Kaya capitalized on this by: the Middle East and 2 in Bangladesh at Dhaka. • Using friends of connections targeting, in addition to other targeting parameters, to reach friends of current Ultraviolet Digital is an agency based out of Delhi. Page fans Facebook: Building Essential Connections