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Holyclothing - APAC local success story


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Holyclothing - APAC local success story

  1. 1. Case Study | TH Results • 10X ROI on Facebook advertising spend Fashion retailer sees 10X ROI on Facebook spend • 50% of revenue comes from Facebook • 60% of website traffic originates from Facebook Goals • 55% increase in customer leads due to Facebook activity Holy Clothing built a presence on Facebook to: • $300K revenue generated from sale of 10 styles that were developed • Generate sales based on ideas sourced from Page fans • Source ideas for new styles and products • Reach a larger base of users “Quite frankly, there has been nothing like Facebook in the past. We love the ability to micro-target ads based • Increase awareness about the brand on gender, location, and interests. And there’s no better word of mouth generator than quality Facebook posts. Approach For a small business like us, it’s often hard to get noticed, Build The company’s Page gives users timely information about its products and services. but Facebook lets us play with, and beat the big brandsConnect at this game.” • The cover photo features the company’s latest designs Stephen Kay, Marketing ManagerEngage • The “Shop” tab highlights the newest designs on sale HolyClothing Reach and also allows users to leave comments next to eachInfluence item Build Engage • The “coupon” tab encourages users to connect with the Page in order to access coupons BuildConnect Facebook ads are the primary traffic driver to the business.Engage • Through keyword and topic targeting, ads are Reach targeted to a relevant set of usersInfluence • Each ad gives users details of a specific product on sale • Connections targeting is used to reach its current set of fans with new product lines, special offers and discounts Build • Ads are used to drive traffic to its website to complete the purchaseConnectEngage The retailer maintains a high level of engagement on its Page by: Reach • Posting regularly about items on sale and discounts BuildInfluence • Responding to customer enquiriesConnect • Asking for user opinions on upcoming product linesEngage • Crowdsourcing ideas for new clothing styles Reach ConnectInfluence The company leverages its current fan base by: Influence • Using friends of connections targeting, in addition to keywords targeting, to reach friends of current fans who are interested in fashion HolyClothing is a retailer of women’s fashion. Facebook: Building Essential Connections