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Facebook Offers - Success Stories


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Learn how local businesses use Facebook Offers to drive traffic, sales and reach in news feed.

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Facebook Offers - Success Stories

  1. 1. Small business success storiesFacebook Offers can help you distribute special discounts and rewards through your Facebook Page. Creating Offers is an easy way to encourage sharing betweenyour fans and their friends, creating stories that can be seen in news feed on desktop and mobile. Retail/Domestic Tourism Food/Beverage Agency: Agency: Goal Goal BIG little City, the consumer brand for Auckland’s central city Business Improvement Sweet Frog, a frozen yogurt store with multiple locations in the U.S., worked with District, selected agency OMD to help drive Facebook fans to claim Offers and find out agency VIA Digital Media to help increase foot traffic and sales. about the latest events, as well as places to shop, dine, drink, dance and stay in Auckland. OMD’s approach VIA Digital Media’s Approach Recommended posts on BIG little city’s Page daily about events that were going on in Created an Offer that said “$4 all you can fit in a 12 oz. cup!” the city as well as shared links to coupons that could be used at local restaurants; used Held promotions and contests in which people could get discounted or free frozen promoted posts for some of these as a simple way to reach more fans and their friends as yogurt in two different ways: it increased distribution of the posts in news feed Posted on its Page, encouraging fans to wear West Virginia University gear on Recommended the use of ‘Facebook Offers’ to promote the tactical vehicle “48-Hour City” football game days in order to get 20% off yogurt for the campaign. 48-Hour City was a 3 month series of ’48-Hour’ Offers that included different businesses across Auckland City, with one offer being posted every 48 hours: Created Ads in Marketplace that linked to a custom tab that included a box for users to enter their mobile phone numbers so that Sweet Frog could text winners One Offer provided “48 Hour City – Free Pastry with coffee at L’Assiette in Britomart on directly 13 & 14 August” Another Offer advertised “25% off tickets to LATE at the Museum” Results Results • 9,200+ people claimed the Offer, and 144 people redeemed it in the store• 10,000+ people claimed “48-Hour City” Offers in only two months • 3,747 people entered the contest on their mobile phone, and 382 redeemed the Offer on• 1.5X engagement rate and 12X reach from promoted posts vs. non-promoted posts their phone in just one weekend• 170% increase in fan base with different Offers running over the course of two months • 500 new likes generated through the Offer “The campaign objective was to showcase the breadth “We like Facebook Offers because it syncs with and diversity of the central city and engage people our existing SMS texting programs and tracks to come in and take advantage of some last-minute the conversion of a customer coming in and offers. The ‘48-Hour City’ platform and Facebook redeeming the offer at the store. We had 9,289 Offers enabled us to deliver some fantastic results people claim one of our Offers last month.” for our central city hospitality and retail businesses, BIG little city Offer achieving well above our set targets.” Sweet Frog Offer Micah Gaudio, Social Media & Mobile Strategist, VIA Digital Media Kate Cleaver, Marketing Manager, BIG little City Facebook: Building Essential Connections