Connect with new fans using Facebook Ads


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Connect with customers and new fans using Facebook Ads. Create several well-targeted ads to encourage people to like your Page, and review your performance.

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  • Hi and welcome to this short video about how you can connect with new fans on Facebook using Facebook Ads
  • To get started let’s get started with a quick overview of how to achieve business success on Facebook.Everything starts with your Facebook Page – so Build a Page to represent your business well on Facebook.Connect with new fans using multiple well-targeted ads.Engage your fans by posting high quality content regularly and promoting those posts.Promote the social activity on your Page to influence friends of your fans.
  • It’s important when we talk about connecting with new people on Facebook, and growing your fan base on Facebook, that we ground ourselves in the importance of the Facebook Page as the mission control of all your marketing activity on Facebook.On FacebookYou use your Page to engage your fansYou use Ads to connect with new fans, and build your fan base.For the purpose of this video we’ll talk about Facebook ads to begin the process of reaching a broader audience on Facebook.
  • 1. Broaden your reach organically- Be active on your own Page and others. Partner with other small businesses with compatible services/products.2. Use Facebook Ads to acquire new fans. In a moment, we’ll get into more detail with some good tips and tricks for: - Creating compelling ads - Tailoring your message to your target audience - Setting up your campaigns clearly3 Of course it’s really important that you monitor and manage the performance of your campaigns, and you have lots of reporting information available in Ads Manager and in Page Insights to understand what your audience is responding to.
  • I’ve mentioned about using Facebook Ads being a critical part of how you can grow the number of fans on your Page.Before we dive in, here are some things to think about: - Firstly be clear about your objectives, do you want to drive new fans on your page whom you can engage and connect with on an on-going basis? Or to drive awareness of your product? Or perhaps to drive people to click on your Ads? And perhaps all three, in which case you can create different ads and campaigns for the different objectives.I’m also going to get into more detail about how to create multiple, very good ads, and how to set your campaigns up well from the start.
  • When creating a like Ad, you’ll want to make it compelling and interesting. Here are some tips we’ve seen working very well for our advertisers.Choose clear imagesUse copy with strong call to actionIncorporate offers, exclusives, promotionsCreate at least 4 creative variationsTest different combinations of copy and images
  • Think about the people you want to target and construct a strategy to reach them. Tailor your messages to your target audience for optimal results. For example, you could target men who are listed as parents to reach dads; people who have games in their interests to reach gamers; people with keywords like “film” or “movies” to reach movie fanatics, or people currently in university to reach students.
  • Now that you’re clear on the Ads, messages and target audiences, bring it together in clearly structured campaigns.Ideally you should not run more than 3 or 4 Ads per campaign. So you can set up a campaign for a specific demographic profile, or broad category (e.g. parents, or recently engaged people etc) You can then test a variety of creative in each campaign, so you can clearly see which advert is most effective for each target audience.This granular approach will give you excellent insights to drive your campaigns for highest performance.
  • Now that you have your Ads and campaigns in place, you should check them regularly in Ads Manager at should check this every few days if possible.This will allow you to identify the best performing Ads and understand what creative or targeting is working well and driving the best response rates. You can then take action to replace or update lower performing Ads, and move budget into higher performing campaigns and creatives.
  • Don’t forget to consult your Page Insights for really valuable information about which content and posts your fans are responding to, and which demographics are most responsive, which can really help inform your Ads campaigns.
  • Just before we finish up, let’s look at some of the key actions we recommend you take:Clarify your objectives for your campaigns.Craft strong compelling Ads, with well considered copy and imagesTest multiple ad creatives simultaneously.Track the performance on Ads Manager. We recommend you to pause and restart featured stories to maintain a good level of performance and exposure over time.Reallocate budget to your best performing ads and campaigns
  • I hope you’ve found this helpful, thanks for taking the time to watch this video.
  • Connect with new fans using Facebook Ads

    1. 1. Connect with new fans usingFacebook Ads
    2. 2. Business successon Facebook Promote the social activity on your Page to influence the friends of fans• Build Post quality content and promote your posts to engage your fans• Connect• Engage Connect with customers & new fans using multiple well-targeted Ads• Influence Everything starts with your Facebook Page
    3. 3. Pages AdsTo engage your fans To connect with new fans
    4. 4. How to reach new fans on Facebook1. Broaden your reach organically - Be active on your own Page and others2. Use Facebook Ads to acquire new fans - Create compelling ads - Tailor your message to your targetaudience - Set up your campaigns clearly3. Review Ads Manager regularly4. Consult Page Insights frequently
    5. 5. Use Facebook Ads to acquire new fans• Determine your objectives: Likes for your Page Brand/product awareness Clicks on your Ads• Create strong, well-targeted Ads• Run multiple ads to test• Set up your campaigns for success
    6. 6. a. Craft your Like AdChoose clear eye-catching imagesUse copy with strong call to actionIncorporate offers, exclusives, promotionsCreate at least 4 creative variationsTest different combinations of copy and images
    7. 7. b. Tailor your Messaging Scott, 40 Ben, 27 Emily, 25 Katie, 19 Father Movie Gamer Student of 3 Fanatic
    8. 8. c. Set up campaigns clearly Test which audience responds best to which creative Campaign 1 Campaign 2 Campaign 3 Females 18- Females 35- Females 45- 34 44 54 Ad 1 Ad 1 Ad 1 Ad 2 Ad 2 Ad 2 Ad 3 Ad 3 Ad 3
    9. 9. Measure and Improve in Ads Manager - Go regularly to - See which messages and targeting are working - Refine and replace lower performing Ads - Move budget into higher performing Ads
    10. 10. Check Page Insights regularly
    11. 11. Key Takeaways Clarify your objectives Craft compelling Ads carefully Test different copy and images Experiment with different messages for various target audiences. Track the performance on Ads Manager & Page Insights
    12. 12. Thank you