Relieve Stress With 6 Bad Mood Busters


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Relieve Stress With 6 Bad Mood Busters

  1. 1. It works for small children, right? Ever notice how you can turn the most outrageous tantrum into a giggle fit just by leading your baby into another room and showing her a new toy? We can boost our own moods by doing the same. You don’t have to plan an expensive adventure to some exotic locale. Sometimes getting a change of scenery in the tiniest, most mundane ways can alter perspective on much bigger things.
  2. 2. When we are feeling down about something, it can be hard to be a good listener. But many times, pausing to really hear about someone else’s life can do wonders for our own heads. Inspiration hits us when we least expect it.
  3. 3. Hold the door for someone. Offer to carry a heavy package or box. Give directions when asked. A little kindness goes a long way. You’ll immediately feel happier when you take a minute to assist another human being—even in the smallest way.
  4. 4. When you and your friends have time to call each other, make sure you do it. It can be hard to feel connected when you are busy with work, and with your kids, and all the other stuff in our days. We all know kids display this amazing sixth sense for figuring out the exact time to interrupt us when we’re is just about to finally talk to another adult about what’s bugging us today. In either case, make sure it happens!
  5. 5. Anyone who has either worked with you or lived with you knows that you have a really hard time letting go of stuff. Everything has sentimental value. The best advice anyone can give you is to start small. So take a few minutes and trash the old receipts and broken CD covers taking up space. Clearing out a single drawer, shelf or even your email inbox really does make you feel lighter.
  6. 6. I’m not talking about scarfing down a package of Oreos. When we’re feeling low, it’s too easy to self- medicate with food. We say, eat something terribly rich but do so in a purposeful way. Take a moment to actually enjoy it and let go of the guilt. It’s all about dark chocolate. But it really does taste better when you actually sit down to eat it.