10 Myths and Facts About Aging


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10 Myths and Facts About Aging

  1. 1. We believe that Vitamin C treatments boost collagen. Stimulating collagen synthesis can help reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture. Try something with vitamin C in it and use it in other places in addition to the face like your neck, arms and hands.
  2. 2. Sex is one of our recommendations that helps to battle aging. The hormones released during and after sex are anti-inflammatory and fight aging and stress.
  3. 3. Topical peptides can improve the creepy appearance in aging skin. Try a serum with peptides in it and use it under the eyes and all over face.
  4. 4. Well, we're not suggesting you drink a pot of coffee a day but did you know caffeine in beauty products can perk up your skin? This ingredient is known to repair stretch marks and fine lines by vasoconstriction, or closing blood vessels, temporarily helping reduce the appearance of sagging, puffy skin.
  5. 5. Sun damage is the main culprit for skin aging - about 80 percent of aging is due to excess sun exposure. Overexposure can break down collagen and elastin in skin and cause more wrinkles and pigmentation to occur. We suggest using products containing zinc or avobenzone, which will help block UVA light so that you don't accumulate more UV damage.
  6. 6. We suggest eating plenty of plant- based foods. Don’t limit your idea of anti-aging prevention to the appearance of your skin on the face, it is also important to factor in your internal health too from your diet to your stress level.
  7. 7. In general, if you're younger, you should divide your skin care regimen so that 70 percent of it addresses acne and 30 percent addresses aging. Then, as you get older, you'll want to reverse it so that 80 percent addresses aging and 20 percent addresses acne.
  8. 8. We recommend exercising when you first wake up to get your circulation going. Do some downward dogs or an inversion to get your heart above your head. It'll help reverse the blood flow and reduce dark circles.
  9. 9. Wearing too much makeup can actually make you look older. Avoid wearing too much powder, and instead wear sunscreen, some blush and do up the lips and eyes a bit.
  10. 10. If you don't sleep on your back, your face gets smooched into the pillow, which deepens natural lines of expressions and creates new ones.