How to save money by holidaying


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Holidays and savings might seem two far fetched terms with no relation, but if you are ready to do a little planning and book your schedules in advance you can actually end up saving a lot on your Florida holidays

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How to save money by holidaying

  1. 1. How to Save Money by Holidaying In Orlando, FloridaEven though all are excited about Orlando, Florida vacations, there is a little hesitation from the headsof families on vacation, thinking about the blissful burdens of shelling out their hard earned money.Vacations are a time to enjoy, not a time to worry about expenses and when you can have the option ofsaving money enjoying your holidays it forms a perfect picture.Florida, the sunshine state boasts of various tourist attractions. Being one of the hot travel destinationswith beaches, theme parks and more, Florida holidays are preferred as one of the major holidayvacations by all. One tourist spot that will top all the travelers chart is Disneyworld Orlando.
  2. 2. The first thing you would need on a vacation or a holiday will be an accommodation. You can save a lotof money by choosing the right accommodation in Orlando, Florida. Planning is very vital and essentialwhen it comes to choosing your accommodation. Take into account the number of people who arecoming along with you for the vacation, their age group and their preferences. Get yourself a clearpicture of this at least a few weeks in advance before your trip.If you are going with your family or a gang of friends, choosing an Orlando villa forms the best option asit can accommodate more people at lesser costs than hotels. Also, at villas you will be provided with anumber of facilities like swimming pools, spas, game rooms and more where you can while away yourtime with your family thereby saving some cash.All villas provide you with excellent kitchen facilities and if you can get along your mother for thevacation, then that solves the problem of eating out too. You can enjoy home food and your mom willbabysit your kids at the villas. In the end, all are happy without you having to spend a penny. During longvacation it won’t be advisable for kids to have hotdogs and cheeseburgers on a daily routine so it’sbetter to get someone to cook at your villas. The last thing you would want is your son/daughtersleeping at home whilst you take a trip to Disneyworld.Disneyworld the most sought after theme park in the world has something for everyone and is atemptation hard to resist forgoing. You can save money by getting The Orlando Flex ticket which givesyou 14 days unlimited access to Universal Studios, Universal Islands of Adventure, Sea World Orlando,Wet n Wild Orlando and Aquatica.
  3. 3. Getting your tickets well in advance to all theme parks and tourist spots will always ensure that you savea decent amount. When you eat out, ensure that you can go to buffets as you will have a variety ofchoices to choose from and each one gets his desired dish on the menu. If you are having kids along withyou, under the age of twelve, check out restaurants in Orlando where kids can eat for free and head tothem.Instead of hiring a car, try to use the bus service which costs much lesser. After you finish having yourfood, have a look at the receipts as some restaurants might add the tips on their bills, so in the end youmay tip them twice which will be highly unnecessary.Try to have your vacation coincide with the tax free weekends of Florida so you can have a happyholiday shopping spree. If you are just going to have a vacation that won’t even last a week, then choosea hotel and have your food at restaurants, but if you are planning on having a long vacation with yourfamily, choose villas and be flexible with your eating habits by having both home cooked food and atrestaurants.Resource: Luxury Florida Villas