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Presentation 8 Slides - Jan Tytgat - Umicore


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EMIRI Tech Talk on Batteries for Energy Storage - End-of-life and recycling of Li-ion batteries

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Presentation 8 Slides - Jan Tytgat - Umicore

  1. 1. Li-ion battery recyclingLi-ion battery recycling EMIRI Tech Talk, Brussels Feb. 23, 2017EMIRI Tech Talk, Brussels Feb. 23, 2017 Jan TytgatJan Tytgat Director Government Affairs EU-BeneluxDirector Government Affairs EU-Benelux
  2. 2. 2Li-ion battery recycling • Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) • Producers = person/company putting batteries on the market in a certain Member State • Producers are responsible for EoL management • Industrial and automotive batteries: take back and recycling obligation • Portable batteries: collection target and recycling obligation • Recycling Efficiency • > 50% of battery weight (excl. H2O) has to be recycled; emissions in air/water, waste fractions and incinerated fractions ≠ recycling • In situ use of battery materials (replacing chemicals, but not as source of energy) = recycling • Battery packs: outer casing doesn’t count as input/ouput battery material, but EV batteries are not considered as ‘packs’ ‘external jacket’ is input/output material Battery recycling Legal framework (EU)
  3. 3. 3Li-ion battery recycling Battery recycling concepts • All recycling concepts are combinations of ‘pre-treatment’ (disassembling, shredding, pyrolysis) and metallurgical processes (pyro or hydro) • Optimum combination depends on battery chemistry and design, scale leverage effects, processes, … Early process steps Later process steps Pre-treatment Low investment cost; low environmental burden; high labour cost High metal losses; high labour cost; moderate investment costs Metallurgy High investment; moderate environmental burden; low labour cost Efficient metal recovery; low labour cost; moderate investment cost Source: prof. B. Friedrich, RWTH
  4. 4. 4Li-ion battery recycling • Dismantling • Labour intensive: Manual semi-automated mechanical breaking • Safety: State of Charge? • Shredding • Charged batteries + inflammable solvents = fire risk; inert atmosphere or cryogenic shredding • Alternatively: pyrolysis before shredding • Pyrometallurgy • Optimum conditions for maximum metal yields • Hydrometallurgy: • Robustness of the process to cope with variety of input materials • General • Quality of the recycled products: should meet industry standards • Cost: complex material flow and (still) small quantities Battery recycling concepts: challenges
  5. 5. Umicore Battery Recycling
  6. 6. Recycling of Li-ion and NiMH batteries Umicore Ultra High Temperature (UHT) technology Innovative technology for metal recovery
  7. 7. Capacity: 7000 mt • 250 mio mobile phone batteries (≈ 30 gr) • 200,000 HEVs (≈ 35 kg) • 35,000 EVs (≈ 200 kg) Metals recovery: Co – Ni – Cu Slag recovery: • NiMH: rare earth concentrate (Ce, La, …) • Li-Ion: use in construction + future potential for recovery Li Flue dust: controlled separation of F Energy efficient: use energy of battery (electrolyte, metals, plastics) to obtain high temperature. Umicore Battery Recycling Technology UHT Technology in Hoboken Belgium
  8. 8. Worldwide presence of UBR
  9. 9. • No breaking, no crushing… • Safe for workers • Safe for Environment • Cost efficient • For any size of batteries • Small electronic appliances • Industrial batteries • HEV/ EV batteries Feeding equipment / batteries handling Recycling process
  10. 10. Intellectual property of Umicore Products Alloy Slags 10 Recycling process Specially designed furnace
  11. 11. • Specially designed gas treatment • A unique Umicore design • No VOC formation • All dust removal • Gas cleaning technology • Low volume gas • Low CO2 footprint Recycling process Gas cleaning
  12. 12. UmicoreUmicoreUmicoreUmicore Excellence in Battery Materials and Battery RecyclingExcellence in Battery Materials and Battery RecyclingExcellence in Battery Materials and Battery RecyclingExcellence in Battery Materials and Battery Recycling End of Life Management and Recycling of Rechargeable of Lithium Ion, Lithium-Polymer and Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries : An industrial award-wining Comprehensive Solution We are Committed to “Close the Loop”