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Visual Resume of Fabrice L Broyld


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Visual Resume of Fabrice L Broyld

  1. 1. FA B R I C E L O U I S - B R O Y L D S C H O L A R . P R O V I D E R . P E R F O R M E R . C U R ATO R .
  2. 2. W H I L E M O S T K I D S W E R E R E A D I N G T H I S . . . I WA S A LWAY S A P R E C O C I O U S C H I L D .
  3. 3. I WA S R E A D I N G T H I S !
  4. 4. I was fascinated by everything and anything concerning monarchs who ruled with their hearts. By the age of 10, I memorized Elizabeth I's famous Speech at Tilbury, where she professed to have the heart of a king. I L O V E D Q U E E N S ! ( A N D K I N G S . B U T M O S T LY Q U E E N S . )
  5. 5. I received both my Bachelor of Science (2012) and Master of Arts (2014) degrees in History at The College at Brockport. This was always balanced with a work schedule. An independent student since 19, I supported myself through school by working a variety of jobs. Whereas some were temporary positions, others often put me in a decision to choose between longer work hours or pursuing higher learning. Fortunately, a position at Hillside Family of Agencies allowed me to balance the work- school situation. Working overnights while going to school during the day, it was the best alternative. I managed to finish my programs. I E V E N W E N T TO S C H O O L TO S T U D Y T H E M !
  6. 6. Whereas history taught me to assess, critique and, sometimes, challenge ideas, my experience in humans services allowed me to always look from others' perspectives, to be empathetic and willing to engage. These skills are useful within the museum field. I can conceptualize ideas, objects, collections and exhibits that can be applicable for existing and new target segments. And as a performer... S C H O L A R . P R O V I D E R .
  7. 7. It has given me a greater appreciation for art. Beyond the cinching and makeup, drag has taught me to further take generalized ideas and make it complex yet beautiful. Femininity, sexuality - even race - are embodied in the way I carry myself and perform. Moreover, I have learned to make this appealing to a wide variety of groups, building a fanbase from different colors, cultures and creeds. P E R F O R M E R : O RT E N S I A D E L O R E N
  8. 8. "I do hope to make the Memorial Art Gallery the center for conversation for creativity," - Dr. Jonathan Binstock
  9. 9. Drag, history, and human service has allowed me to always think, act, and live creatively. From organizing fashion shows (top: Hot Rod Betties, Rochester Fashion Week 2014), to curating fashion displays (Costume Couture: The Four Muses of Steampunk, RMSC 2015), my experiences as a scholar, provider and performer has allowed me to build a wealth of knowledge and imagination. S C H O L A R . P R O V I D E R . P E R F O R M E R . C U R ATO R .
  10. 10. I hope I can be of service to your organization as an intern - the first, and essential, step in preparing a lifelong career in the museum field.
  11. 11. FA B R I C E L O U I S - B R O Y L D S C H O L A R . P R O V I D E R . P E R F O R M E R . C U R ATO R .