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Future 2n eso

Will vs Going To

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Future 2n eso

  1. 1. FUTURE 2N ESO Will vs Going to
  2. 2. WILL To make a promise I promise… I will going to pass with good marks
  3. 3. WILL To make a prediction I will get a good job and have one child
  4. 4. WILL To make a decision at the time of speaking I will go to a my dad’s party now
  5. 5. WILL To state a fact about the future My dad and me will go to Perú this Summer My mum and me will go to Italy this Summer
  6. 6. WILL Think Guess Hope Probably Possibility I think I will go to London I think is probably, I travel to Brazil.
  7. 7. (Verb to be) + Going To A future event that has been planned before the time of speaking My parents are going to come with me at Perú
  8. 8. (Verb to be) + Going To To make a future prediction based on plans or evidence My mum are going to go with me at Italy