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Prosperity comes from overcoming fear (so do clients)


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Even though I’m totally unplugged from what’s going on in the world, by choice, stuff is still trickling in. You see, I’ve made a conscious choice for years not to listen to the news, read the papers or listen to talk radio. It’s not just that I’m a very sensitive person and I react to negative stuff more deeply than others seem to, it’s that I don’t like what it does to my mindset.

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Prosperity comes from overcoming fear (so do clients)

  1. 1. Prosperity Comes From Overcoming Fear (So Do Clients)“Until one is released, step by step or all at once, fromthe roots of fear-based thinking, no amount of Mo-neywill give prosperity. This is fact…” –AnonymousEven though I’m totally unplugged from what’sgoing on in the world, by choice, stuff is stilltrickling in. You see, I’ve made a conscious choice for years not to listen to thenews, read the papers or listen to talk radio. It’s not just that I’m a very sensitiveperson and I react to negative stuff more deeply than others seem to, it’s that I don’tlike what it does to my mindset. Somehow, I seem to focus on the bad news and thenit affects everything else in my life. Some people have told me in the past years thatmy “unplugging” is foolish, that I’m missing out on what’s going on in the world, orthat I’m naïve, thinking that if I don’t hear it, it doesn’t exist.Well, in a way, that’s true for me. If I don’t know about it, then it can’t affect me.And so, while the rest of the world seems to be spiraling in a big mess of fear, worryand doubt, I’m oblivious to it, in a good way. Because my mind isn’t tainted with this“stuff”, I’m continuing to prosper, we continue to grow, and more abundance isflowing into my life in every area. And I wish more people would do what I do. Here’swhy.You have to understand that the news media is only interested in one thing,and one thing only: Advertising do11ars (I know, I used to work inadvertising). The more people are tuned in to their show or read their publication,the higher they can charge their advertisers. And to artificially grow the numbers, the
  2. 2. media has to do ANYTHING it can to get your attention. And FEAR is the best way toget someone’s attention, and to get them to keep coming back for more, for “fear” ofmissing something important.When you understand this, you get clear that there’s a lot of hype out there,and it’s all plugging in to what I call the “collective fear”. And when you’re infear, you cannot be prosperous, no matter how much money you have. Why? Becauseprosperity is a state of mind. Let me say that again: When you’re in fear, you cannotbe prosperous. Here’s something I read recently in a channeled text:“Until one is released, step by step or all at once, from the roots of fear-basedthinking, no amount of Money will give prosperity. This is fact…”Listen, I get that fear is a biggie. It’s easy to get sucked in. I know a few peopleright now who are gripped with fear. They’re holding on so tight to their mo-ney, thatthey’re “white-knuckling” it through life. They are absolutely miserable. And you knowwhat? They actually have plenty of mo-ney in the bank! But because they have fear,it doesn’t matter. Because prosperity is a state of mind.The key to attracting prosperity is to refuse to focus on things that cause youfear, and to eliminate fear from your life. Now, some clients say to me,“Fabienne, how can I *not* focus on fear. There is evidence all around me that thingsaren’t going well?” My answer to them is that you can CHOOSE not to struggle.Look all around you. Nature doesn’t struggle. A blade of grass doesn’t struggleto grow. It just does. Instead of focusing on all the things that appear to be “goingdownhill”, shift your focus. Look at everything around you that IS going well. There’sa way that we, as humans, tend to focus on the 2% that’s NOT going well, as opposedto the 98% that IS going well in our lives. What are YOU focusing on?The best way that I’ve found to get out of fear these days is to focus on thepresent moment. If I’m in a bad mood or noticing that the collective fear is leakinginto my world, I stop everything and I tap into the present moment. However simplethis may seem to you, it’s actually miraculous. I go down to the beach and take a
  3. 3. walk along the water. I put my attention on the subtle scent of the sea air, I listen tothe seagulls, I watch my footsteps in the sand. I stay totally present. Why?Because you CANNOT be in fear AND in the present moment at the sametime. It’s impossible. When you are in the present moment, you are in directconnection to Spirit or God or the Universe, whatever you choose to call it. And that isyour direct pipeline to love. And love and fear cannot coexist. It’s a universal law.What does this have to do with Client Attraction? EVERYTHING. Here’s why: Ifyou’re gripped with fear, sitting at your desk, wondering where the clients are or whypeople are leaving, you are feeding yourself with this collective fear. That stops youfrom marketing and the energy that you DO put into your marketing when youactually do it is a negative energy. Which brings more of the lack into your life, whichthen repels prosperity.Instead, focus on what’s going well. Be in gratitude for what you DO have. Take abreak from work, walk away from your desk, tickle your kids, go walk the dog, focuson the air outside, whatever it takes to just take your focus OFF of the fear. When youdo that, you will watch the fear literally disintegrate right in front of your eyes. Then,when you go back to work on your marketing, you’ll find yourself coming from atotally different perspective. Instead of coming from “lack”, you’ll be coming from“attraction”. And that’s when the clients come in. That’s when the mo-ney pours in.Your Client Attraction Assignment:Take special notice of when you get sucked in to the collective fear. Putyourself in a place of being unplugged from it. Stop watching the news, stop readingthe papers, and change the conversation when your friends and neighbors begintalking about things having to do with lack. Shift your focus to what IS abundant inyour life.1) Appreciation and GratitudeList at least 10 things/people you are grateful for in your life right now:
  4. 4. 2) Choose one item/person and describe “why” you are grateful for this.Describe how it makes you feel:3) Acknowledge your successesList at least 5 successes you enjoyed yesterday. These can be very little (like makingyour bed) to very significant (like getting a new client)Do this every day. Then, once you’re in a place of feeling abundant again, it’stime to get back to marketing. Remember, you’ve got to take ACTION too. Youcan’t just sit on your sofa and wish for new clients. You’ve got to implementauthentic, compelling and consistent marketing that will have people REACH OUT toyou, credit card in hand, wanting to work with you.If you’re not sure where to start or are looking for a simple formula tomarketing your business and getting clients easily and authentically, thenyou’ll want to get the Client Attraction Home Study System™. It includeseverything you need to know to fill your practice quickly and close the saleconsistently without ever feeling icky; no matter if you’re just starting out or havebeen in business for years. All the tools, scripts, templates and examples are handedto you on a silver platter. And it’s laid out in a very simple way: do step one of thesystem, and when you’re done with that, move on to step two, etc. It’s so simple andyet so very powerful, it’s changed the lives of thousands of solopreneurs. You canread the success stories and get your own copy (Why struggle when you can just attractclients easily?).© 2011 Client Attraction LLC. All Rights Reserved. Fabienne Fredrickson, The Client Attraction Mentor, is founder of the Client Attraction System®, the proven step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to attract more clients, in record time…guaranteed. Toget your F.R.E.E. Audio CD by mail and receive her weekly marketing & successmindset articles on attracting more high-paying clients and dramatically increasingyour in.come, visit