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Be known for one thing


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If you’re having trouble getting clients, it could be because your business has a split personality. When I was first starting out, I met a lot of business owners who, when asked what they do, would reply, “I’m a holistic nutritionist…and I do reiki…and I teach yoga…” and the list would go on. I’ve also met so many coaches who would describe themselves as a sales coach but would also add in that they do relationship coaching and career coaching, etc.

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Be known for one thing

  1. 1. Be Known for One Thing What is the personality of your business? A lot of people have trouble growing theirbusiness very quickly and big because the business has a split personality. When I was first starting out in business when I had my nutrition business, I sawpeople who would say, “Oh, I’m a holistic nutritionist but I also do Reiki and I also do jujitsuand I also do bach flower remedies and I teach yoga.” That’s great but they would try tocommunicate what they did and people just didn’t really get it. Then when I started hanging out with a bunch of coaches they’d say, “Well, I’m a salescoach, I’m a relationship coach and I’m a divorce coach and I’m all these different things.” What I’ve realized is the more things that you focus on in your business, the harder itis to grow. Why? Because if you’re not clear about what you offer then the person on theother end, what we look at as the prospective client, they will be confused as well. So, splitpersonalities in business do not work. The strategy that I want you to think about this week is to be known for one thing andone thing only. You can, and this is what I call the umbrella concept; now think about ClientAttraction. In Client Attraction I teach the basics of marketing and client attraction, I teachsystems, I teach leverage, I teach organization infostructure of business at least to me highlevel private clients, I teach mindset, I teach universal principles and spirituality in business,virtual marketing and so many other things; how to price, how to create packages andprograms, all of these things. You would think, “Fabienne, isn’t that kind of a split personality thing?” No, becausethey are all under the umbrella of Client Attraction. All of these things help you grow yourbusiness, make more money, working less, etc. I want you to think about your business. Are you offering lots and lots of little thingsand does it seem like a big old mess? Or is it all under one umbrella? When it’s captured allunder one umbrella, people get it. Perhaps one day if you stop somebody on the street in Times Square and say, “Who doyou think of when you think of Client Attraction,” hopefully they’ll say, “Fabienne Fredrickson.”But at least in my industry, that’s what people think of me as.
  2. 2. What about you? What are you know for? What is the one thing that you are known forand only that? That is your assignment for the week because as you get clearer on that onething, then it’s kind of like the French thing le crème de la crème, the cream rises to the top.When you stand out in your marketplace that way by being known for one thing and one thingonly, you rise above the rest. People know you and you become the industry leader and that’swhat I want for you because that’s how you’ll get more clients, you’ll make more money andyou’ll grown your business much faster. So that’s your assignment for the week. Enjoy. Really think about this. This is not a fiveminute thing. This is one of the things that I work with in my higher level masterminds withclients who really want to leverage their business. We look at the strategy and the tactical,pragmatic ways that we can grow their business.