Are you blaming others because you dont have enough clients


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One of the themes running through my life currently, and in the lives of my clients, is that of Personal Responsibility. If you’ve been to my workshop and on any of my calls, you know that I believe strongly in Personal Responsibility (I often call it ‘The No Excuses Approach’) and how I do not believe you can ever achieve BIG success without it. It’s a topic that few marketers ever really talk about in depth, but one that is crucial for success.

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Are you blaming others because you dont have enough clients

  1. 1. Are You Blaming Others Because You Don’t Have Enough Clients?"The more you say to yourself, ‘I am responsible,’ thestronger, better and finer a person you become. And everypart of your life will improve at the same time."-Brian TracyOne of the themes running through my life currently, and in the livesof my clients, is that of Personal Responsibility. If you‟ve been to myworkshop and on any of my calls, you know that I believe strongly in PersonalResponsibility (I often call it „The No Excuses Approach‟) and how I do notbelieve you can ever achieve BIG success without it. It‟s a topic that fewmarketers ever really talk about in depth, but one that is crucial for success.You see, each time I bump up against a new level of success in mybusiness, a lot of my old "stuff" comes back up. I‟ve caught myself inthe past comparing my success to others with more success, feelingresentful, feeling less-than, and sometimes even BLAMING others or my ownparticular situation or for not being where I would LIKE to be in terms ofsuccess in that moment. And believe me, it doesn‟t feel good. But perhapsyou know exactly what I‟m talking about…
  2. 2. What I noticed is that I’m not the only one. As different people in mylife, both personally and professionally, move up to the next level, or reallyWANT to move up to the next level, but instead, begin to feel frustrated, Isee them pointing fingers OUTSIDE themselves, blaming their situation, acertain person, the system, the economy, a program they took, or whateverelse they can find to shuck responsibility for where they are.What I also noticed is that, in the end, I’m ultimately responsible foreverything in my life, every increase in my in-come and success overthe last few years. But most importantly, I‟m also responsible for everysetback. I can blame no one but myself.Everything I have in my life exists because of my actions, mybehaviors, my words and thoughts. And it‟s the same for you. Everydecision we make creates our circumstances and because of that, we areultimately responsible for each success and failure, happiness, unhappinessand financial situation.I recently found an article by Brian Tracy, one of the world’s leadingauthorities on personal and business success. This article has becomeone of my favorites and I refer to it often and ask my clients to read it too,especially when they start comparing their success to others with moresuccess, feeling resentful of their situation, blaming others, or feeling angryand „less-than‟ because their particular situation is not what they‟d like it tobe. Here‟s an excerpt:"Responsibility goes hand in hand with success, achievement,motivation, happiness and self-actualization. It‟s the absolute minimumrequirement for the accomplishment of everything you could ever really wantin life. Accepting that you‟re completely responsible for yourself and realizingthat no one is coming to the rescue is the beginning of peak performance…
  3. 3. The opposite of accepting responsibility is making excuses andblaming people and things for what’s going on in your life. And sinceeverything we do is a matter of habit, if people get into the habit of makingexcuses, they get into the habit of evading responsibility at the same time.If they set a goal or objective for themselves, they immediatelycreate an excuse that they hold in reserve just in case theaccomplishment of the goal is too difficult or requires more self-discipline and persistence than they had thought.As soon as things start to go poorly, irresponsible people trot outtheir excuse and let themselves off the hook. But that won‟t get themanywhere in the long run… The more responsibility you take, the more incontrol you are. And the freer you are, especially in your own mind, to makedecisions and to do the things you want to do. So there‟s a direct relationshipbetween responsibility, control, freedom and happiness.A person who is completely irresponsible is subject to anger,hostility, fear, resentment, doubt – all sorts of negative emotions. Andhere‟s why. All negative emotions tend to be associated with blame. Fully 99percent of all our problems exist only because we‟re able to blame someoneor something for them. The instant we stop blaming, our negative emotionsbegin disappearing.What’s the antidote to blaming? It‟s simple! Since your mind can holdonly one thought at a time, either positive or negative, you can override thetendency to blame and become angry simply by saying, firmly, “I amresponsible!" You can‟t accept responsibility for a situation and be angry atthe same time… The acceptance of responsibility negates negative emotionsand short-circuits any tendencies toward unhappiness. In fact, the acceptanceof responsibility often gives you insight into what you should do to resolve thesituation.
  4. 4. Everything that is happening to you on the outside is due tosomething that is happening to you on the inside, so the first place tolook is within. As soon as you do that, you begin to see things that you hadcompletely missed when you were busy blaming others and making excuses.You begin to see that you‟re responsible in large measure for the things thatare happening to you.You’re earning today exactly what you’re worth-not a penny more,not a penny less. In life, we tend to get exactly what we deserve. If you‟renot satisfied with the amount you‟re getting, look around you, at people whoare doing the kind of work you would like to do and earning the kind of mo-ney you would like to earn. Ask them what they‟re doing differently fromwhat you‟re doing. What are the causes of the effects they‟re getting? Onceyou know what they are, accept complete responsibility for your situation,apply your wonderful mind and abilities, back them with willpower and self-discipline, and get busy making the changes you need to make to enjoy thelife you want to enjoy."Your Client Attraction Assignment:You’ve heard the saying, “Speak the truth. The truth will set youfree." In this case, I want you to be VERY honest with yourself in answeringthe following… stop hiding behind your justifications or get off your high horseand answer the following: Have you recently blamed someone or something for the fact that you haven‟t yet achieved what you wanted in your business? Are you using excuses (even JUSTIFYING your situation) so that you don‟t have to take action in terms of getting clients or be embarrassed in case "it doesn‟t work out"? Have you harbored resentment towards someone or something because you feel you were "gipped" in some way?
  5. 5.  Do you feel anger or have lashed out in the past because your business is not where you want it to be yet? Are you pointing fingers, saying "This is the reason I‟m not making more"? Have you compared yourself to someone else more financially successful than you currently are, feeling less-than? Have you perhaps even JUDGED that person based on their success?Personally speaking, I know that I’ve been able to answer "Yes" toall of these questions at some point in my self-employedcareer. Whether I knew it consciously or not at the time, it all resulted fromavoiding responsibility for what I was creating in my life. It didn‟t feel good,and it certainly did not get me moving forward towards success.The key for me has been to be honest with myself about myresponsibility. No one else can create my life except for me. Only I cancontrol my thoughts, words, actions and behaviors. Blaming or pointingfingers does absolutely no good. In fact, it doesn‟t work and it‟s usually justan excuse that we use, in case we fail. That way, we don‟t need to beembarrassed. We can just say it wasn‟t our fault. NONSENSE.Consider this a fork in the road of your success. This is your opportunityto step up in your business, stop using excuses, stop resenting or comparingyourself and STOP blaming others for what you have or don‟t have in yourlife. It‟s time to take a NO EXCUSES approach to doing what you have to doto get clients, start being consistent in your marketing, work through theprograms you‟ve bought, or clear your schedule to attend events (no matterwhat else has "come up”) that will give you the solution you SAY you‟ve beenwanting. Begin to take FULL responsibility and making different choices andyour life and business will never be the same. I promise you that; I‟m livingproof of it.
  6. 6. Taking a no-excuses approach, removing fears and negative beliefs iscrucial if you want to finally move to the next level of your successand income level. So join me for 3 days in September and I‟ll give you allmy shortcuts and the exact steps you need to use to break through the self-imposed barriers currently stopping you from multiplying your income,increase your confidence, put an end to your struggle so you can finally livethe freedom-based lifestyle you deserve…guaranteed. If your soul has beennagging you to play a bigger game, check out the video (it’s free-training) for a great preview of the event and don‟t wait because the earlybird offer (half-off tuition) flies away very soon!© 2011 Client Attraction LLC. All Rights Reserved.