Drought Tolerant Plants Suitable for Arkansas Landscapes - Unversity of Arkansas


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Drought Tolerant Plants Suitable for Arkansas Landscapes - Unversity of Arkansas

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Drought Tolerant Plants Suitable for Arkansas Landscapes - Unversity of Arkansas

  1. 1. Drought Tolerant Plants Suitable for Arkansas Landscapes Below are groups of plants that should survive our dry Arkansas summers. Some may be included in more than one list. If you choose some of these plants to use in your landscape, research further in a good garden reference book to discover individual characteristics such as the type of soil needed and the degree of drought tolerance a plant has. Several plants are identified as “native plants.” These, in addition to others you may see growing along the side of roadways and in fields throughout centralArkansas, have proven they can withstand the climate we experience in Pulaski County. When you referencegarden books, keep in mind that the term “dry” means something different to western gardeners than to those inother areas of the country. In central Arkansas we usually have adequate water in winter and spring but wesuffer more from drought in summer and early autumn. Experience and experimentation will reveal those plantsthat will work for you.TREES PERENNIALS Groundsel (native)Arborvitae Artemisia Holly SpeciesArizona Cypress Baby’s Breath Hydrangea - PeegeeChaste Tree (Vitex) Bearded Iris Huckleberry (native)Crapemyrtle (tree) Candytuft Japanese Garden JuniperGinkgo Daffodils Mugo PineGolden Raintree Daylilies NandinaHawthorne (native) Dianthus Red Chokeberry (native)Honeylocust (native) Gaura “Siskiyou Pink” BarberryPin Oak (native) German Statice Shore JuniperRedbud (native) Lamb’s Ear Spicebush (native)Red Maple Penstemon (native) SpireaRussian Olive Phlox - Downy (native) Thorny ElaeagnusShortleaf Pine (native) Russian Sage Variegated PrivetShumard Oak (native) Sedum Wax MyrtleSmoketree Native) Snow in Summer Yaupon HollySmooth Sumac (native) Stoke’s Aster YuccaSouthern Red Oak (native) Torch LilyOak Species YarrowElm Species Over for more ideas.ANNUAL FLOWERS SHRUBSCleome Beauty Berry (native)Cosmos BeautybushGlobe Amaranth Blue Rug JuniperGloriosa Daisy Burford HollyPurslane Chinese JuniperLantana Crimson Pygmy BarberryMarigolds CrapemyrtleMoss Rose ArborvitaePeriwinkle Flowering Quince Forsythia Santolina
  2. 2. VINES WILDFLOWERS HERBSAmerican Bittersweet Bee Balm ArtemesiaCypress Vine (annual) Bird Foot’s Violet Bee BalmHyacinth Bean (annual) Black Eyed Susan Cone FlowersTrumpet Honeysuckle Butterfly Weed Dill (annual)Morning Glory (annual) Coreopsis FennelSilver Lace Evening Primrose GarlicYellow Jessamine False Indigo Hyssop Gaillardia LavenderGROUNDCOVERS Hardy Ageratum OreganoAsian Jasmine Joe Pye Weed Ox-eye Daisy (native)Boston Ivy Liatris RosemaryCarolina Yellow Jessamine Ox-eye Daisy SageCreeping St. John’s Wort Purple Coneflower SantalinasCreeping Thyme Queen Anne’s Lace SavoryJunipers, all cultivars Sundrop Sweet MarjoramLiriope, all cultivars Verbena TansyMondograss Yarrow ThymeNandinas (dwarf) Verbena CanadensisSedums Veronica (native)Showy Evening Primrose Wild Aster (native)Yaupons, all cultivars Wild Mints (native)GRASSESBermuda (lawn)Bluestem Grass (ornamental)Fountain Grass (ornamental)Gulf Muhly Grass (ornamental)Love Grass (ornamental)Pampas Grass (ornamental)Miscanthus Grass (ornamental)Ravenna Grass (ornamental)Reed Grass (ornamental)Ribbon Grass (ornamental)Prepared by: Jane Druff and Dorothy Veirs, Pulaski County Master Gardeners University of Arkansas, United States Department of Agriculture and County Governments Cooperating. The Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service offers its programs to all eligible persons regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, marital or veteran status, or any other legally protected status, and is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.