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Working with crowdfunding


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The presentation introduces a support what methods to choose when doing crowd funding and best practice on campaign design. From lecture held on #MediaBarCamp Lithuania May 2013

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Working with crowdfunding

  1. 1. Strategies on workingwith the crowdan introductionLithuania 2013-05-10
  3. 3. Source: Lambert och Schwienbarcher (2010)Crowd fundingCrowd equityP2P lendingReward basedOnline donationsRevenue sharing
  4. 4. What’s the deal?TraditionalcollectionMore money! +20-40%
  5. 5. Social loansMain goal forcampaign ownerPre-salesRevenue shareParticipationloansEquityLoansDonationsRewardsFinancialChoosing type of crowd fundingSocialMaterial/product
  6. 6. MarketingProductionFinancing
  7. 7. Success factors1. Campaignplanning2. Projectdescription3. Design of project page4. Pitch video5. Information flow(Blog)6. Finical goal
  8. 8. Pre-funding Campaign Post-fundingDistribute the rewardsDaily pushesPreparing the networkConnect results toordinary workTelling the storyProduce the contentPersonalProcess
  9. 9. EntertainmentMotivation for supportersCuriosityAffiliationEmpathyIdealismLess important: Rewards,appreciation, guiltEntertainment
  10. 10. StorytellingTake med down the rabbit holeReward systemBreaking the projec downSocial networkSpreading the wordEngagementMore than moneyGive incentivesto shareCreatecliffhangersPersonalanduniqueoffersVideoIncentives
  11. 11. Dramatic curve,storytelling3 min<1st languageVideo
  12. 12. EntertainmentRewardsCreatea goodmixfor differenttarget groups
  13. 13. Crowd funding=Community funding
  14. 14. Multi-country strategies
  15. 15. tomorrow:CreativeCommonsanddistribution
  16. 16. Max