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Fab mob 2017 Movin On


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Movin'On Conference

Published in: Business
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Fab mob 2017 Movin On

  1. 1. 2017 cars are like Old Phones no Operating System, no APIs, no Platforms, no Appstores,…
  2. 2. Innovation Process is changing. Software (culture) is eating the world. + 1% / year Connexion 1/8 years Incremental + 10-100% / year Daily connexion with user Change Mobility behavior
  3. 3. Open Source is not an Option Anymore
  4. 4. Basics of Open(s) Source(s) Strategy Users Asset, Ressource (what) Community, Stakeholders, Ecosystem Licence, Business Model (how) Market Strategy (why) New Culture
  5. 5. Innovations with 2 Scenarios : Unicorn / Lego One fits all Combining solutions Re-designed & connectable API, standard, commons
  6. 6. Accelerate Ecosystem by Open(s) Source(s) & Commons Knowledge, Data, Software, Hardware & Culture 2017, Gabriel PLASSAT
  7. 7. 35 8 cities 9 154 public clusters 200+startups 250 10+commons industries schools & labs communities 1 400network contacts [2017]
  8. 8. From Open Source Software to Open(s) Source(s) Open Source Hardware is a term for tangible artifacts — machines, devices, or other physical things — whose design has been released to several STAKEHOLDERS in such a way that anyone can make, modify, distribute, and use those things.
  9. 9. Open(s) Source(s) to change Stakeholders & Ecosystem Why ? Still having big problems to solve ! No one can accelerate single-handedly Connect all stakeholders around Open Resource Reduce time to POC, time to market Create a new culture for this Ecosystem How ? Industrialize connexions (social network, workshops, …) Create Open(s) Source(s) Factory For all stakeholders, no barrier to entry
  10. 10. From Open Source Software to Open(s) Source(s) From Workshop @ Open Hardware Summit
  11. 11. From Open Source Software to Open(s) Source(s) & Commons
  12. 12. How to produce Open(s) Source(s) & Commons ? 1- Indexation of Existing Open Resources 2- Each Community, Identification of need and Development of New Open Resource => Call for Project Commons 3- Identification of an existing « under valuated » resource in private organisation => Open Challenge
  13. 13. [example] Commons from RideSharing
  14. 14. OPEN PLATFORM PARTNERS PROJECTS INDEXATION NEW OPEN ASSET Call for commons OPENING CLOSED ASSET Open Challenge DISCUSS, CURATE, START… Slack (+300 p.) OPEN DOCUMENTATION Wiki (1000 pages) COMMUNICATION Blog, newsletter, twitter WORKSHOPS City for Experimenta Networks, contacts Mentors, expertises Tests & calcula° benches Fablabs Education Knowledge Data Software Hardware
  16. 16. Contact us : gabriel.plassat@ademe.fr2 Join us! [14th morning] @Movin’On Workshop FabMob Québec
  17. 17. Plus ou Moins Ouvert Propriété Opposable à tous Exclusif Commun Absence de propriété Usage commun Ouvert à Tous Restreint à plusieurs Restreint à certains Usage Restreint Ouvert Open Source Usager Objet Intensité Territoire Durée Invest. Réciprocité Commercial
  18. 18. Licence À réciprocité Utilisation non commerciale Par tous les membres Exploitation commerciale Réservée aux contributeurs Exploitation commerciale Par des non-membres Gratuit Partage recette Entre contributeurs Licence ad-hoc et redevances CRITERE Catégorie de licenciés Licence FabMob