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Citymapper - Urban Mobility Summit Dec 2016


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Citymapper presentation - shared Mobility & Public transportation

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Citymapper - Urban Mobility Summit Dec 2016

  1. 1. December 2, 2016
  2. 2. What our users say
  3. 3. Three trends have and are still shaping the transport scene Diversity is increasing More modes Mobile is becoming the single source of truth Need for aggregationMore providers, e.g. Paris landscape: Real-time information is becoming the standard Trains Bus Bike
  4. 4. Great information design is one of our cornerstones Live ETA Share your ETA The SmartCommute™ Push GO... Telescope Best section
  5. 5. We build the best data Data needs to be built through significant cleaning Users also map the world for us We built the future London Crossrail line into the app Our regular users map transfer times, best carriages, and platforms. And our Super Users can even map exits directly into our Batcave tool In Mexico City, we built the Pesero bus routes from the ground up We even have a beta version of Istanbul (no open data) in the app...
  6. 6. And we invented a Super Router To route around disruptions ... … and develop multimodal algorithms