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Introduction ASP


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Introduction ASP

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION SCRIPT PROCESSING Client Side Meaning: Processing that are conducted at the user’s computer(browser) Server Side Hardware Software Script used: JavaScript Web server  Internet Information Services(IIS) Script used: ASP  VBscript
  3. 3. CLIENT SIDE PROCESSING Advantages Disadvantages Faster to display output since workload is distributed to user’s PC Cannot retain global data Customizeable output – personalized experienced Cannot store data from user into database
  4. 4. SERVER SIDE PROCESSING Advantages Data from user can be stored into database. Eg: order, reservation, feedback. Web server controls user’s browsing selection. Eg: If certain pages are off-limit to ordinary users, server-side scripting can be employed to block the pages from being viewed by the user. Disadvantages The processing is centered at the server  will put burden of processing on the server instead of the client.
  5. 5. IMPLEMENTING SERVER-SIDE SCRIPTING (ISS) • Web browser request an ASP file from the server IIS ASP MODULE IIS sends plain HTML file to be displayed in the web browser
  6. 6. WWW services FTP services Gopher Services • Provide simple document(textbase)over the internet
  7. 7. a web page that is processed by a web server a program that runs inside a web server (IIS/PWS) What is ASP a Microsoft Technology Scripts in an ASP file are executed on the server ISI is Internet Information Services comes as a free component with Windows 2000 & Windows NT 4.0 option pack PWS is Personal Web Page, a smaller scale version but fully function like IIS
  8. 8. JavaScript vs. VBScript JavaScript is larger and more complex language than VBScript JavaScript is, in some ways, more powerful than VBScript JS is an open protocol. VBScript is not JavaScript vs. VBScript JavaScript is more aware of HTML than VBScript and has numerous formatting and parsing methods for creating and analyzing HTML tags JS is case sensitive. VBScript is not
  9. 9. Basic ASP Scripting Style It begins with (for JavaScript) <%@language= JavaScript%> we must put tag <%…………%> and start writing code between the tags Server side scripting is a script that is executed by the web server, then the results of which are passed on to the calling client
  10. 10. STYLE OF WRITING SCRIPTS indicate inline server side script in your page by placng the programming statements between the following tags <% %> WRITING INLINE SCRIPTS server side scripting engine in the order that it appears in the ASP page executes the script
  11. 11. INTERPERSING INLINE SCRIPTS intersperse inline script within an ASP The script is executed in the order in which it is encountered
  12. 12. Working with ASP Object Response object Server object Use to access information passed by HTTP requestc Use to access methods and properties on the server Request object Used to control the information sent to the client
  13. 13. Analogy The best way to understand these two objects is to think of a telephone call. When u place a call, u are requesting that someone on the other end of the line pick up the phone. When that person answers the phone, he/she issues a response to your request (the ringing phone). Depending on what the person says, you process the results of your request by taking specific actions depending on whom you are talking to and for what purpose.
  14. 14. Request Object Collection Client Certificate • User certificate is required for access to the page Cookies • Cookies are sent to the server for examination Form • Takes all values passed by html form QueryString • Makes available to the web server all values contained Server Variables • Makes available all the HTTP header values as sent by the user with the request.