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FWD50 2018 - A year innovating: : what we did in NZ


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Pia Andrews (NSW Government (Australia))

After her keynote at last year’s FWD50, Pia will report back to the FWD50 community on how much was achieved in a year of applying the keynote concepts, over 1 year, in the New Zealand Service Innovation Lab.

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FWD50 2018 - A year innovating: : what we did in NZ

  1. 1. A year innovating A brief report on what we did in NZ & NSW
  2. 2. 2018-19 Service Innovation Lab Report - The Service Innovation Lab is a delivery engine for the Service Innovation Work Programme. The Lab work is overseen by a cross agency governance group, the Service Innovation Working Group which enables operational collaboration and leadership. Please also find an accessible mindmap of Lab deliverables and the draft Lab Lean Canvas. A year innovating in NZ Government
  3. 3. ● Life event based service design and delivery ● Exploring user controlled proactive entitlements ● Reusable components - gov as a platform ● Enabling third party service delivery ● Evidence based design, delivery and improvements ● Capability uplift of public sector ● Research - emerging tech and trends, futures The NZ Govt Service Innovation Lab
  4. 4. Attribution Nadia Webster, NZ Government Service Innovation Lab, 2018. Exploring Human and Machine Consumable Legislation
  5. 5. A month innovating in NSW Government Newbie digital government: ● digital channels for service delivery; ● process automation; ● using emerging tech on people; ● perhaps even emerging technologies and trends. Mature digital government: ● embracing social/tech changes; ● moving from centralised to distributed systems/processes; ● from closed to open; ● ambitious, optimistic, inclusive agenda to co-design better futures.
  6. 6. Strategic goals for NSW digital transformation ● Deliver of measurable benefits and service improvements for the people and communities of NSW across the entire gov system. ● To model new ways for modern public services to innovate, collaborate & work openly, empathetically and effectively across agencies, jurisdictions and sectors. ● Demonstrate and enable meaningful all-of-public service transformation of strategy, policy, systems, services and culture. ● Establish government as a social and economic platform upon which individuals, communities and businesses can thrive (GaaP) ● Establish systemic levers to drive all-of-government behaviours from our public institutions.
  7. 7. Driving policy reform and strategic investment Reusable components Life Journey Mapping ● Proof of Identity ● NSW Point (spatial) ● Feedback Assist Investment Agencies ● AoG investment ● Agency support ● Investment fund Exploration CSC/CDC ● DNA Lab UX research ● AI/ML workshops ● :Legislation as code Cross agency collaboration ● Life journey integrated services ● Skills/capability sharing ● Digital Talent Pool Service improvements Councils & Feds ● Agency & SNSW projects ● Reusable code/APIs ● Prioritised user needs Guidance, policy, strategy Data/DAC ● Digital Design System ● Policy Lab projects ● Reference Architecture Well evidenced actionable backlog for improving experience with NSW Government. Backlog could include: ● User/agency pain points ● Integration, automation ● Inconsistencies ● Security challenges ● Common tech/API needs ● Wicked problems ● Legislative barriers ● Emerging tech/trends Inputs CX Pipeline Actions Examples ● Private sector ● Better serve gov needs ● New partnerships ● Research opps for researchers Non gov actors Overarching Digital Government Strategy & Policy Framework