Strategic planning services


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Strategic planning services

  1. 1. Strategic Services Strategy is more than a plan. Strategy yields targeted results through focused action. Fox Valley Technical College’s strategic services are focused on helping business leaders change their results. We are partnered with senior advisors who are dedicated only to this work. The mission of these advisors is to help organizations develop and deploy strategic. Our strategic services compliment Fox Valley Technical College’s broad portfolio of services, programs and training that work in concert with your strategic plans to develop the skills and capabilities needed to realize business results. The strategic planning services we offer help organizations in four areas necessary to realizing outcomes from strategic planning. These four elements: strategy, execution, leadership and change management take strategy beyond an annual event and incorporate it into day-to-day
  2. 2. LEADERSHIP Leadership prepares and helps people develop strategy and obtain results. Leaders are outcome multipliers making the people around them more effective than they would be without the leader being there. Key to leading is making communication an ongoing process, deploying a coherent decision making framework and creating clear accountability. Our services follow a results based definition that ties progress in leadership development to improved business outcomes. Leadership Services  Lominger VOICES® 360 assessment  Leadership Development Planning  Executive Coaching  Succession
  3. 3. STRATEGY As leaders pursue results they need to engage others. Strategy is the means by which leaders develop, communicate and realize organizational goals. Strategy is grounded in the core capabilities of the organization. Sustainable strategy eschews gimmicks and quick fixes in favor of controlled risk and steady progress. Strategy is a combination of a structured process controlled by governance that fosters adjustments as the plan evolves. Our advisors use an approach that emphasizes doing over planning. We recognize that most of what leaders need to know to succeed with strategy is learned after the implementation begins. We help leaders align all efforts in the organization to create strategic value. Strategic decision making is integrated into day to day accountabilities. This simplifies strategy into deployable components that can be cascaded and acted upon. Strategy Services  Strategic Assessment Workshops  Strategy Development  Strategy Deployment and Cascade  Risk
  4. 4. EXECUTION Execution is the preparation and support of the organization in deploying and carrying out strategy. Execution is where the most day to day effort is exerted. Incorporating strategy into day-to-day execution is essential to realizing results and preventing strategy from becoming the thing that people never get around to doing. Execution involves managing resources to obtain operational and strategic outcomes in a changing landscape. Execution Services  Metrics Development  Responsibility Cascade  Landscape Analysis  Role
  5. 5. CHANGE MANAGEMENT Managing change lies at the center of our services. No plan is implemented as it was laid out in the development stage. Change management is the process that keeps the plan current. Information that was unavailable when the plan was developed is evaluated, decisions are made and the plan is adapted. The process of adjusting the plan requires a controlled balance. Adjustments must be introduced in timely way while avoiding adjustment so frequent as to create uncertainty and inhibit progress. Getting results in a competitive world is about introducing change in a way that captures the benefits of change while minimizes the disruption of change. Change management is an innovation process that helps the organization create the new and different processes, products and leadership practices needed to sustain success. This is a dynamic process and is represented in W. Edwards Deming’s Plan-Do-Check-Adjust cycle. Change Management Services  Strategy Deployment  Change Management Planning  Portfolio Decision Making  Influence and Acceptance Strategies Contact Us To arrange a complimentary consultation or customized strategic services, contact: Fox Valley Technical College - Business & Industry Services P: (888) 458-0449 | P: (920) 735-2525 | F: (920) 735-4771 Fox Valley Technical College Business and Industries Services is pleased to offer select strategic services in partnership with Differentiating Strategies,