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Mike Acord's presentation to FVSPUG on SharePoint - more than just Intranets

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Ava beyond intranets

  1. 1. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETSFox Valley SharePoint and Business Intelligence Users Group Wednesday March 21, 2012
  2. 2. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS AgendaAgenda• Introduction• Current Uses• Benefits of expanding use• Public Facing Website• Forms/Workflow• Business Intelligence• Partner Collaboration• Enterprise Search• Custom Applications
  3. 3. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS IntroductionIntroduction: Presenter Mike Acord, Avastone Technologies LLC SharePoint/Business Intelligence Lead
  4. 4. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS IntroductionIntroduction: Avastone Technologies LLC Partner with Hartland Business Systems, Little Chute• Custom development• Websites and Content Management Systems• Mobile Development• SharePoint• Business Intelligence• MS Dynamics GP• MS Dynamics CRM
  5. 5. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS Current UsesCommon Uses of SharePoint• Intranets• Document Management• Calendar• Task list• Discussion board• Announcements
  6. 6. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS BenefitsBenefits of Expanding Use• Familiar• Common security• Common navigation• Single place• Uses existing infrastructure
  7. 7. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS Internet SitesBenefits of using SharePoint for Public facing websites• Same server infrastructure• Single copy of documents• Familiar content editing• Can be relatively inexpensive for schools/government/non-profits
  8. 8. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS Internet SitesComponents of SharePoint for Internet Sites• SharePoint Server for Internet Sites• Custom Master Page• Page Layouts• SharePoint Designer
  9. 9. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS Internet SitesInternet Site Examples
  10. 10. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS Forms/WorkflowBenefits of using SharePoint for Forms/Workflow• Improve/automate process flow• Visibility into status of items• Quick turnaround• Email notifications• Examples Expense Report New Employee On-boarding Timesheet Document Approvals IT Request Maintenance Request
  11. 11. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS Forms/WorkflowComponents of SharePoint for Forms/Workflow• Out of the box (OTB) workflows• OOTB forms• InfoPath/InfoPath Forms Services• SharePoint Designer
  12. 12. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS Forms/WorkflowComponents of SharePoint for Forms/Workflow
  13. 13. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS Forms/WorkflowForms/Workflow Examples
  14. 14. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS Business IntelligenceBenefits of using SharePoint for Business Intelligence• Better decision making• Powerful analytics• Drill down capabilities• Ad-hoc capabilities
  15. 15. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS Business IntelligenceComponents of SharePoint for Business Intelligence• PerformancePoint Services• Excel services• PowerPivot for SharePoint• Integrated reporting services
  16. 16. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS Forms/WorkflowBusiness Intelligence Examples
  17. 17. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS Partner CollaborationBenefits of using SharePoint for Partner Collaboration• Secure• Easy way to share documents and information with clients, vendors, and other partners
  18. 18. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS Partner CollaborationComponents of SharePoint for Partner Collaboration• Forms-based authentication• Separate URL
  19. 19. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS Partner CollaborationPartner Collaboration Examples
  20. 20. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS Enterprise SearchBenefits of using SharePoint for Enterprise Search• Find documents across enterprise• Find people• Find on internet• Find in file shares
  21. 21. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS Partner CollaborationComponents of SharePoint for Enterprise Search• Search Server• FAST Search Server• People search
  22. 22. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS Partner CollaborationEnterprise Search Examples
  23. 23. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS Custom ApplicationsBenefits of using SharePoint for Custom Applications• Single user interface: navigation, use, security, etc• Framework already provided
  24. 24. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS Custom ApplicationsComponents of SharePoint for Custom Applications• SharePoint Designer• Visual Studio/.Net• JavaScript/html• Business Connectivity Services• Web Parts
  25. 25. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS Custom ApplicationsComponents of SharePoint for Custom Applications
  26. 26. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS Custom ApplicationsCustom Application Examples
  27. 27. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS QuestionsOther uses ?
  28. 28. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS QuestionsQuestions ?
  29. 29. SHAREPOINT: BEYOND INTRANETS Thank YouPlease visit our website for more information. http://www.avastonetech.com