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VA ACM Slack


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Published February 7, 2016, in Education

Presented at Dominion Enterprise's hackathon.

Attempted to promote the VA ACM Slack channel.

Feel free to join here:



Published in: Education
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VA ACM Slack

  1. 1. Virginia ACM Slack
  2. 2. HELLO!I am Frances Coronel I am here at Hack U 4 as a mentor. You can find me @fvcproductions.
  3. 3. Connect with other local students and be updated on the latest announcements to get more involved in the local tech community
  4. 4. hackathons conferences Meetups job opportunities scholarships feedback/help
  5. 5. 115 members
  6. 6. 9 schools
  7. 7. ODU, CNU, UVA, W&M, HU, GMU, VCU, Longwood, Radford
  8. 8. Why Slack? It’s just awesome.
  9. 9.
  10. 10. SIGN UP HERE
  11. 11. THANKS!Any questions? Reach out to me or any of our members!