Brand Presentation FAIR (Light version)


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Brand Presentation FAIR (Light version)

  1. 1. BRAND PRESENTATION A new Spirits Category FAIR™ anounces the rise of transparent and sustainable ethics in ultra premium spirits. By associating the best french distillers to local cooperatives in the third world, FAIR™ aims at bringing to the consumers the finest spirits possible produced from fair-trade certified ingredients. We believe in showcasing in the most transparent way all the human capital that goes into making unique ultra premium spirits.
  2. 2. BRAND PRESENTATION Founders who care Jean-François Daniel and Alexandre Koiransky already have an impressive number of achievements to their credit. They have successfully launched several ultra premium spirits brands in the US. They strongly believe in Fair trade as a powerful contribution to a better, fairer and more sustainable world. They were looking to ally their strong spirits experience with their personal convictions. The Fair Trade Spirits Company™ was born.
  3. 3. FAIR. VODKA A rare seed Cultivated by the incas since the 13TH century in the Andes mountain range, Quinoa became popular only recently in the western world. We are now rediscovering its exceptional nutritional values and its outstanding versatility. An excellent source of proteins, quinoa has been the staple diet of Andean people for centuries. Our quinoa is cultivated by over 1,200 small producers in the Bolivian Altiplano,gathered within the Anapqui cooperative, the main association of farming producers in the country.
  4. 4. FAIR. VODKA A North/South joint craftmanship FAIR. Vodka is an oustanding vodka elaborated from the grains of Quinoa. This very unique spirit reveals all the natural qualities of the Quinoa and the know-how of expert distillers from France. The production process required more than two years of common research between french distillers and bolivian farmers.
  5. 5. FAIR. VODKA  Tasting notes FAIR.Vodka offers an extraordinay clear and pure flavor, with a well-balanced texture and a light elegant finish.  Awards FAIR.Vodka was nominated « Best tasting Vodka » in June 2009 at the prestigious New York Spirits Award amon 70 other brands.  Mixology FAIR.Vodka uses the finest fairtrade ingredients to produce original fairtrade cocktails. Mixologist Nir Chouchana is the official FAIR™ ambassador in Europe. FAIR. Vodka is the world's frst Quinoa-based Vodka but also the frst fairtrade certifed™ vodka in the world.
  6. 6. CONTACT Alexandre Koiransky Jean-Francois Daniel 90, rue de la victoire 34b York Way 75008 Paris London – N1 9AB France United Kingdom +33 (0)6 34 56 80 13 +44 (0) 779 170 7724