iPad Training Fall 2013


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  • Go over the training and what is going to be covered. Pass out the agenda.
  • All support introduces themselves and how they will be involved in the pilot.Each student will introduce themselves and share their level of experience with Apple products, iPads or technology in general.
  • ETO/ITS will go over contractAline will go over the consent formiPads will be distributed after contract and consent forms have been signed.
  • Students open iPad.Go over vocabulary of the iPadDo overview before they put the cover on.
  • Students open iPad.Go over vocabulary of the iPadDo overview before they put the cover on.
  • Continue overview
  • Continue overview
  • Have students follow along with their ipads
  • Practice using iTunes
  • Have students follow along using their iPad to see the ipad settings
  • Students should be following along
  • Practice using notes
  • Have student connect to FSU Wi-FI
  • Briefly go over the built in apps. Mention that there is a manual on the Blackboard site in the pilots folder that goes over each of these more in details. Also, direct them to the apple website for fabulous tutorials on each of these apps.
  • Have them email a screenshot to eto
  • Explain that we are giving a list of all the students in the iPad group to add to their contacts. This way they can FaceTime each other throughout the semester.
  • Have them sign in and practice if there is time
  • Students are following along
  • Have them enter their username and ID to see their courses.Show them where the blog and pilot documents are located within the course.
  • iPad Training Fall 2013

    1. 1. iPad Training Fall 2013 Education Technology Office
    2. 2. Setting up your iPad iPad Exterior Overview iPad Accessories Explanation Setting up your iPad
    3. 3. iPad Front
    4. 4. iPad Back
    5. 5. Overview Continued Item What you can do with it 10 W USB Power Adapter Use the 10W USB power adapter to provide power to iPad and charge the battery. Dock Connector to USB Cable Use this cable to connect iPad to your computer to sync, or to the 10W USB power adapter to charge,.
    6. 6. Setting up your iPad To use iPad, you need • An Internet connection • An Apple ID for some features, including iCloud, the App Store and iTunes Store, and online purchases. You can create an Apple ID during setup. Setting up iPad To set up iPad, turn it on and follow the Setup Assistant. The onscreen directions in Setup Assistant step you through the setup process, including: • Connecting to a Wi-Fi network • Signing in with or creating a free Apple ID • Setting up iCloud • Turning on recommended features, such as Location Services and Find My iPad
    7. 7. Getting to Know Your iPad Review Buttons and Multi-touch Screen Onscreen Keyboard Overview Settings Overview and Internet Access Set up Student Email Set up Find my iPad Configure Internet Settings Built in Apps
    8. 8. Multi-Touch Screen Opening Applications Close Applications Deleting Applications: Tap on the X to delete the application Opening Applications- •Tap its icon on the Home Screen. Press the Home Button to exit. Deleting Applications- •Touch and hold the application icon until it wiggles and an X appears. Tap the X to delete the application . • Important: Deleting an application from iPad also deletes the documents and data created by the application.
    9. 9. Tips and Tricks: Multitasking Multitasking allows certain apps to run in the background, so you can quickly switch between the apps you’re using. To multitask: Double-click the Home button Flick left to see more apps Remove an app from the list: Touch and hold the app icon until it begins to jiggle, then tap – *To save the battery close out of programs you aren’t using.
    10. 10. Tips and Tricks: Create Folders Create a folder: Touch and hold an icon until the Home screen icons begin to jiggle, then drag the icon onto another icon. •iPad creates a new folder •Tap the name field to enter a different name
    11. 11. Multi-Touch Screen Continued Scrolling Flick to Quick Scroll Zooming In and Out Scrolling- •Drag your finger up or down the touch screen to scroll. You can also scroll side to side in some applications such as Safari, Photos, and maps. Quick Scroll- Without lifting your finger from the touch screen, flick to quick scroll. Zoom In or Out- •Pinch your fingers together or apart on the touch screen to zoom in or out.
    12. 12. Settings Overview About Settings- •Settings lets you customize iPad applications, set the date and time, configure your network connection, and enter other iPad Preferences. Wi-Fi- •Connect to the internet by selecting your local Wi-Fi network. General- •General setting include date and time, security, passcode lock, network and other settings that affect more than one application. Mail, Contacts, Calendars- •Use this setting to set up and customize email accounts. Safari- •Safari settings let you select your Internet search engine and set security options, such as cookies.
    13. 13. Internet Access To connect to the internet follow these steps: Tap on settings Tap on Wi-Fi Slide Wi-Fi to On Tap on the Network you would like to use. *If there aren’t any networks available then you may not be in a location that offers Wi-Fi and therefore will not be able to connect to the internet.
    14. 14. Using the Keyboard The onscreen keyboard appears automatically anytime you need to type. Tap a text field to bring up the keyboard. Editing- Cut, Copy, Paste Touch and hold to bring up the magnifying glass, then drag to position the insertion point. Select Text: Tap the insertion point to display the selection buttons. Cut or Copy: Select text, then tap Cut or Copy
    15. 15. Using the Keyboard Continued
    16. 16. Setup Student Email To setup student email follow these steps: Tap on settings Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendar Tap on add account Tap on Microsoft Exchange
    17. 17. Setup Student Email Continued Tap in the Description box and you can change Exchange to FSU Student email (optional). To setup student email follow these steps: Tap the email box and type your @student.framingham.edu email address Leave the Domain box empty Tap in the username@student.framingha m.edu and Password boxes and type your student email username and password Tap next
    18. 18. Setup Student Email Continued To setup student email follow these steps: On the next screen, tap in the Server box and enter m.outlook.com Tap next Turn on each item you would like to synch to your iPad by sliding the off button to on. Tap m.outlook.com
    19. 19. Configure Internet Settings Tap on search engine to change your default search engine In order to use some of Blackboard’s features on the iPad you will need to change your Cookies Options : Tap on settings Tap on Safari Tap on Accept Cookies Select Always
    20. 20. Configure Internet Settings Continued In addition to Allowing Cookies you may want or need to change other internet settings such as: •Enable or disable JavaScript •Enable or disable Plug- ins •Set Safari’s cookies settings •Clear browser history (by clearing cache)
    21. 21. Built In Apps Overview •Uses Front or back Camera •Can only call another FaceTime user •Sign into FaceTime using Apple ID •View messages from multi email accounts •Compose messages •Internet Browser •Print, email, and create bookmarks using Safari •Take pictures and add effects •Send and save photos •Personal photos and Videos are stored here •Share photos and videos •Read and buy books •Highlight and Annotate •View movies, music videos, video podcast and TV shows •Browse your music collection •Listen to your songs, audiobooks, and podcasts •Music, audiobooks and Podcast purchased from iTunes are played on the iPod
    22. 22. Built In Apps Overview Continued •Add content to you iPad by purchasing through iTunes Store •Purchase music, TV shows, buy and rent movie or download and play podcast or iTunes U collections •Search for a location, then get detailed driving, public transit or walking directions as well as traffic information •View all videos that have been uploaded on YouTube •Must have an Internet connection to view •Create or add multi calendars •View calendars individually or several at once •View events by day, week or month •Access, add and edit your contact list from personal, business, and organizational accounts •Play games with friends around the world •Need an Internet Connection and iTunes account •Browse, purchase, and download apps specifically designed for iPad, or for iPhone and iPod touch
    23. 23. Built In Apps Overview Continued •Create to-do list •Set a due date and Reminders will send you a notification. •Send text message to any iOS 5 user (iPad, iPhone, iPod. •It’s built into the Messages app and it’s free and unlimited over Wi-Fi. •Send a picture, share a video, or message everyone at once with group messaging. •find and organize your subscriptions all in one place.
    24. 24. Camera and Screenshot Tap this icon to reverse the camera from the front to the back of the iPad Take photos and record videos using the camera View them on the iPad, email them, or upload them to the internet Take a photo: Aim iPad and tap the camera button Record a video: Slide the Camera/Video switch, then tap the red record button Screenshot: Quickly press and release both the Sleep/Wake button and the home button. The screenshot is added to the Camera Roll Album
    25. 25. FaceTime FaceTime lets you make video calls over Wi-Fi. Use the front camera to talk face-to-face, or the back camera to share what you see around. Signing in: •Open FaceTime, •Enter your Apple ID and password •Tap Sign In •Enter the email address others should use to call you in FaceTime, Tap next Calling: •Enter the email address or phone number to call others with FaceTime •Others can call you using your email address
    26. 26. FaceTime: Making a Call Call a contact: Tap contacts Choose a name Tap the email address or phone # they use with FaceTime Add a Contact: •Tap contacts •Tap + •Enter the person’s name and their email address or phone number •Restart a recent Call •While You’re Talking: •While talking to someone in FaceTime, you can switch cameras, change camera orientation, mute your microphone, move your picture- in-picture display, open another application, and finally end your call.
    27. 27. FaceTime: Continued Turn off FaceTime: •If you don’t want to receive FaceTime calls choose: •Settings •Tap FaceTime •Tap off for FaceTime Sign Out: •Tap settings •Tap FaceTime •Tap Account
    28. 28. iPad Apps for Victorian Literature Course Blackboard Learn Google Plus SkyDrive Over Drive
    29. 29. Download Blackboard Mobile Learn App Select Blackboard mobile learn To download the Blackboard Mobile App follow these steps: Tap on the App Store Search for Blackboard Mobile Learn Tap on Install or Free
    30. 30. Using the Blackboard Mobile Learn App To use the Blackboard Mobile App follow these steps: Tap on the Blackboard Mobile Learn App Search for Framingham State University Log in using your Framingham Blackboard Username and Password
    31. 31. Bookmark Blackboard on Safari You can access Blackboard using the Mobile App or through Safari by going to: http://framingham.blackboard.co m To bookmark Blackboard in safari follow these steps: •Tap on Safari •Type the URL above •Tap on the and select Add Bookmark. Click Save •To view the Bookmark, click on the book icon on the Safari toolbar and tap on Blackboard
    32. 32. Section Title Support Contact Information Education Technology Office: Clair Waterbury Stacy Cohen Silka Hermeling Robin Robinson eto@framingham.edu 508-626-4927
    33. 33. Discover. Achieve. Succeed