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April 2011 Newsletter


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Published in: Education
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April 2011 Newsletter

  1. 1. Florida Society for Technology in Education Registration is now open for the ISTE ConferencePRESIDENT OBAMA’S PROPOSED BUDGET FOR EDUCATIONExcerpt taken from eSchool News, Vol. 14, No. 4. April 2011 President Obama’s reducing deficits, but not atproposed budget for next year the expense of programs thatis 3.73 trillion dollars. He is he says deserves moreproposing to increase money. He also requested 90education spending by 4.3 billion for the creation of apercent in an effort to new educational technologycompete on a global level. The agency called Advanced2012 budget will be 48.4 Research Projects Agency-billion dollars and increase of Education, which would2 billion dollars from the 2011 support research onbudget. President Obama breakthrough technologies tosays his budget proposal enhance learning. Read thereflects a need to start article for all the details. [1]
  2. 2. FSTE Goes to Washington classroom. Jeremy and I visited theOn April 12th and 13th I had the privilege offices of Senator’s Bill Nelson andalong with our FSTE Professional Marcos Rubio and we were welcomed byDevelopment Chair Jeremy Jackson to very knowledgeable staff members thatattend the ISTE Ed Tech Policy Summit listened to us and took notes to adviceheld in Washington DC. The entire time both senators.we had workshops about understandinghow a bill is created, how appropriations We were also able to visit the offices ofcommittee work, tips on how be better Congresswomen Kathy Castor andprepared the different officials, and Corrine Brown to present out case aboutmuch more. the large financial need to support technology in the classroom. We hope toThe advocacy experience would not have soon offer a webinar to share what webeen complete without visiting some of learned. It was my honor to representour officials to ask them for their Florida and the FSTE on technology funding for the [2]
  3. 3. More Great Ideas ForFETC Spring2011 Virtual TEACHERSGoes Live Earth Day April 12, 2011April 28! Check out Thinkfinity for some great activities, lesson plans, and interactive resources.ISTE 2011ConferencePhiladelphia News From the Florida DOEJune 26-29th Check out the Just for Teachers Newsletter. Great resources, freebies and curriculum ideas. Published every month.FETC JustForTeachers/January 31- Grant Writing HelpFebruary 3 With funding shrinking for educationOrange writing a successful grant is important.County Check out this website that provides greatConvention tips for writing all types of grants.Center Writing Successful Grants Knowledge Base
  4. 4. The National Science Digital Library Designed for k-12 teachers providing free STEM activitiesas well as aligned to Math standards. Also providesscience literary maps and iTunes multimedia files. Freeresources at NSDL Free Science Resource KitsThis month’s News4Educators focuses on Pixie, Frames, and Shareresources to support science learning. Divided into Elementary andSecondary resources, these kits will help you make learning science withcreative technology tools exciting and effective.The resource kits include: · articles on using animation and multimedia to engage learners in science, · high-level lesson plans on science topics like planets, inventions and chemical bonding, · exciting student samples and project ideas!Download the Elementary Science Resource KitDownload the Secondary Science Resource Kit Great Free Resources at the Florida Center for Instructional Technology Free Clip Art, Lit2Go, Florida Maps, FCAT Express, Exploring Florida, Teachers Guide to the Holocaust, Tech Ease and much more
  5. 5. ! 2 FSTE web site provides to a network of accessibility to educational technology technology rich leaders from around the resources and support world 3 FSTE qualify for special 8 FSTE members always discounts for selected receive a special technology related discount when joining publications, software, or renewing their ISTE and hardware membership. ISTE purchases members can join on BECOME A MEMBER 4 FSTE members are Special Interest Group OF FSTE eligible for Teacher for free and are entitledGreat membership benefits. Technology grants to a 10% discount on all 5 FSTE regional and ISTE-published books. Regular membership is local chapters offer free 9 FSTE provides or low cost technology opportunities to serve $25.00 a year. training on State, Regional, or 6 FSTE sponsors the Local FSTE Boards or Student membership is committees. Instructional $12.50 a year. Technology Teacher of 10 FSTE provides the the Year award and the About FSTE annual Go to to Instructional report sign up! Technology Leadership 11 FSTE provides up-to- award date breaking 1 FSTE provides an 7 FSTE is an technology News Briefs opportunity to network organizational affiliate 12 FSTE returns $6.50 of with other professionals of the International regular membership who advocate the use Society for Technology dues to locals to of technology in in Education (ISTE) support grassroot education which provides access initiatives FSTE Board of DirectorsPresident - John LienPresident Elect - Nancy Kuznicki Region PresidentsPast President - Norma Jennings Region 1 President: Linda CobbSecretary - Ann Smith Region 2 President: Lynn ParkerTreasurer - Diane Kamentz Region 3 President: Estelle Price Region 4 President:Higher Ed Rep - Shelly Warm Region 5 President: Bev CameronCorporate Liaison - Jeremy JacksonISTE Rep - Rita OatesFCITL Rep - Norma JenningsWebmaster - Diane Kamentz