Is your ECE organization webinar ready?


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A presentation at the 2012 NAEYC Annual Conference in Atlanta

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Is your ECE organization webinar ready?

  1. 1. Is your program webinar-ready? A guide to producing and presenting webinars in early education organizationsFran Simon, M.Ed.Engagement Strategies, LLC NAEYC Annual Conference, Atlanta November 9, 2012 1
  2. 2. Is your program webinar- ready? A guide to producing and presenting webinars in early education organizations Simon, M.Ed.Engagement Strategies, LLC NAEYC Annual Conference, Atlanta November 9, 2012 2
  3. 3. A secret about me! I’m just an ECE pro like you, but I pose as a webinar pro at conferences and partiesThere’s a reason I’m telling you this. You’ll see! 3
  4. 4. About you… 7
  5. 5. Agenda•Webinar basics•Using webinars to supportgoals in early education•Webinar shopping list•How to deliver engagingonline presentations•Are you ready? 8
  6. 6. Webinar Basics 9
  7. 7. Webinars allow you to reach people around the world who mightotherwise never connect with you Anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can attend. Powerful 10
  8. 8. Of course there are limitations. Consider them challenges that • Personal interaction can be • Gauging interest overcome.• Gauging understanding •Applying concepts in activities 11
  9. 9. Webinars, online meetings and webcasts Collaboration # of attendees PurposeOnline Meeting 2-20* Remote Highly interactive Business meetings Multi-way ****** communication Staff , client or board meeting Webinar 2-500 Remote Limited 2- way presentation communication ****** Conference session or training Webcast 2-Thousands Remote broadcast 1-way of information to communication large audiences ***** Keynote 12
  10. 10. 3 Elements of WebinarsVisuals Interactivity Sound 13
  11. 11. Roles in WebinarsOrganizer Presenter Panelist(s)/ Presenters Info Consumers Information creators ? Registrant Attendee 14
  12. 12. But, what resources do we need to offer webinars?© Fran Simon Copyright, 2012 15
  13. 13. You need: A Computer* & Connectivity*** Mac, PC, Both? ** broadband Internet access 16
  14. 14. Audio considerations+ -OR- + -OR- + 17
  15. 15. You need Webinar Software and Audio Service 18
  16. 16. Time to… • Plan • Prepare • Practice • PromoteSimple rule of thumb: After the basics arein place, 4 weeks to set up, promote and practice 19
  17. 17. Highly recommended! 2 computers 20
  18. 18. Highly recommended: A producerHandles the backchannel and troubleshoots. 21
  19. 19. The M word- MarketingYou must market your webinars or no one will ever see them
  20. 20. You need to promote your webinars in every way possible• Website• Blog• Email• Social networks• Other Bloggers• Online ads• Relevant organizations 23
  21. 21. Supporting Goals in EarlyEducation 24
  22. 22. What can you do with webinars in early education organizations? * Reach new people * Promote * Advertise * Inform * * Convince * Advocate ** Recruit * Persuade ** Educate * Demonstrate * Market * 25
  23. 23. Who is/are your target audience(s)? TargetParents Staff Supporters Partners Funders Community Donors Policymakers
  24. 24. Webinars and the awareness/engagement cycle •Enrollment Convert Awareness •Fundraising W •RecruitmentEvaluation Consideration •Marketing •Selling •Advocacy Interest •Engagement •PD W
  25. 25. Example: Parent Enrollment EngagingWord of mouth They prospective find you 1 customers/families They Re- You enroll or engage refer them Engaging current 2 You parents They engage enroll them
  26. 26. Your org…Your role(s)…Your goal(s)… Will lead to your target audience(s) 29
  27. 27. Powerful benefit: Captureinformation from your target audience
  28. 28. Collecting Data Is notNecessarily evil
  29. 29. How you use Data is what counts Email lists Fundraising Advocacy SupportTracking PD
  30. 30. Apply this to your work 33
  31. 31. What did you decide? Webinars and online meetings for…• Enrollment open- • Membership houses presentations• Professional • Thought leadership and development branding• Presenting research or • Demonstrations policy • Orientations• Gathering support for • Board meetings advocacy • Marketing• Fundraising pitches 34
  32. 32. Shopping List 35
  33. 33. Comparing Webinar Software 36
  34. 34. Comparing Webinar SoftwareBEWARE THE TELECONFERENCING DETAILS! • VOIP Free, but can be hinky (unreliable) • Integrated Toll Call teleconferencing $$? • Integrated Toll-free calling $$$ !!! 37
  35. 35. Webinar Software FeaturesDesktop SharingWeb Browsing Recording Common Features Whiteboard Drawing Tools ChatShare Controls 38
  36. 36. Webinar Software Features Multiple Presenters VOIP & IntegratedLess Commonly TeleconferencingConsidered Advance SchedulingFeatures Instant Meetings Webcam and Video Streaming Registration and Reporting Polls and Surveys 39
  37. 37. What to think about during webinar software demos They will show you this: They often don’t demo this:Is it visually appealing for the end user? Is it easy for the people who run the webinars to set up, manage, and record? Is it easy for the end user to log in? Does it have a registration system? Reporting? Is it cool and feature-rich? Does it include audio? What are the audio options? Is it reliable? Are there additional costs? Do they offer onboarding support? What are the options for support. 40
  38. 38. Free Trials…Are useless unless you use the system by replicating areal experience as closely as possible. Tinkering will notdo!1) Take tutorial or read documentation.2) Put together a presentation and a focus group team3) Evaluate the system as an organizer, presenter, and data collector.4) Evaluate the system as a participant.5) Use the system for a full length session.6) Use the reporting functions. 41
  39. 39. Deliver great online presentations 42
  40. 40. Online presentations are different than live presentations… For more than the obvious reasons…
  41. 41. 44
  42. 42. Good webinar titles attract the right audiences Advertise what you will deliver and deliver what you advertise 45
  43. 43. Offer compelling content: Something people WANT to knowA story Clear message 46
  44. 44. Keep the slides graphic and readable © Fran Simon Copyright, 2012 47
  45. 45. Use images to convey meaning © Fran Simon Copyright, 2012 48
  46. 46. Keep itconversational in toneInvite people to engage with you through polls, open ended questions, and hand-raising.
  47. 47. Tell your storyPeople listen to, care about, and buy from people they know, like and trust. AUTHENTIC stories connect
  48. 48. How to not bore attendees• Orient the attendees• A memorable opening• More slides with fewer words• Compelling story 1st• Make it relevant• Project voice• Inflection varied• Convey excitement• Tell them what to do 51
  49. 49. Highest level of engagement: The “backchannel” I’m going to ask the presenter That’s a how to do great idea! it! Let’s tell the staff! 52
  50. 50. Chat log from a webinar 53
  51. 51. Your “producer” can enhance the backchannel • Add links to URLs • Respond to comments • Add tidbits of information • Act as a color commentator
  52. 52. Expectations: Registration and Attendance High• Only 30% of registrants will attend Attendance Registration a free webinar• Fewer people will register for webinars Registration that require a fee, but Attendance attendance will be 80%-98% Low Free $$$$ 56
  53. 53. Is yourorganization “Webinar Ready”? 57
  54. 54. Do you have• Buy in?• Content and presenters?• Support staff?• Time to prepare, promote, produce, practice, and present?• Webinar and audio software?• Adequate Internet access?• Computer(s) and audio equipment?• A plan for producing and follow up? 58
  55. 55. ResourcesSusan Stewart’s My blog posts: (Webinars) (PowerPoint) 59
  56. 56. Fran Simon | 60